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LIEGE Transport and logistics OMET Liege is located at the centre of the European motorway network which grants rapid access to the cities and capitals of Europe. Liege, Logically Logistical o 15 Km OLamalle At the Junction of four major European railway axes, the marshalling yard of Liege is a hub for the goods traffic in Belgium.

platforms combining 2 or 3 means of transport (rail, road, air or waterway) are present near the airport and along the waterways.These infrastructures are complemented by a wide range of transport and logistics companies, by well-sited industrial zones and y a rich and diverse inventory of real property; enough to satisfy any investor looking for storage areas and logistics services. The importance of worker skills has not been forgotten in the development of training services that meet companies’ real needs. Firstly, there is the Forem Logistique whose programme permits the training each year several hundreds of persons in 25 transport and logistics sectors.Then there are the University of Liege and several colleges that train specialists in integrated logistics, packing and transport and supply chain management. Liege’s port infrastructures, including hose of the autonomous Port of the navigable network of the Rhine-Schelde-Meuse basin.

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OSPI+ Over the years, Liege has become a recognized leader in the world of transport and logistics. Its advantages are many and they place the region among the most efficient distribution points in Europe.Thanks to its central position in Western Europe, the province is at the heart of a gigantic road network, at the Junction of 6 motorways that ensure easy connections with Antwerp, Brussels, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France with almost 60 million consumers within only 4 hours’ ride! The railway network too is both dense and undergoing large-scale development. Four major lines serve the province and thereby allow over 13 million tonnes a year to pass through.On top of this, the waterways are especially important and make the autonomous Port of Liege the third river port in Europe after Duisburg and Paris in terms of volume handled, thanks to its direct access to the first port area in the world – Antwerp and Rotterdam. Roads, railways, waterways the logistical development of the province of Liege would not be complete without the exceptional growth of Liege Airport which, with more han 400,000 tonnes transported in 2007, ranks 9th among European airports in terms of air freight. The diversity of modes of transport is, of course, a strategic advantage for the region.But what really makes the difference is their complementary infrastructures.

Multimodal OSAB-PAL-SPI+ Liege Airport is located at the centre of the Paris-Amsterdam-Frankfurt European air freight. Transport, Storage and Added Value In the Liege region, over 900 transport companies have a fleet of a total of over 5,000 commercial vehicles. These are companies that are Just as likely to have the profile ofa family-run SME s bigger companies that operate internationally. Several of them do not limit their activities only to transport but have added logistics services by investing in storage warehouses.These warehouses may range from single use and small size up to the biggest, most sophisticated warehouses that allow the storage and management, for example, of fresh produce or of hazardous chemical products. Among the major players in road transport, here are a few significant examples: TTS Group is Wallonia’s number one for road transport.

Based at Liege Logistics, the Group consists of 5 ompanies in Belgium and branches in Spain, France and Italy. With over 250 vehicles tracked by satellite (and more than three times as many cable-driven vehicles), TTS has also successfully specialised in multimodal rail/road.In the strictly logistical field, the company has 538,000 TNT and others… OTNT TNT is one of the global giants of express mail services.

The company has set up its European express hub and based its airline, TNT Airways, at Liege Airport. Other companies such as Cargo Air Lines, El A1, Icelandair, Kalitta… are also active on the site. square feet of warehouses for order reparation and tailored packing, all of which is computer-controlled.

Jean Heck Transport & Logistique is based in Eupen, on the German border, and in Herstal, near Liege Airport.In particular, the company offers a flexible infrastructure for products with high added value with climate-controlled and secure ADR (hazardous goods transportation) warehouses. management (ED’, XML, dedicated line, WMS) is integrated into the whole. Others include: Weerts, Fabry, Cuypers Logistics, BTK Transport, Coutrez & Cie, Jost Logistics/ Godard, Mozer Transgem, BTM, Firopa, Vincent Logistics, Magetra, CTB Magemon, GPI, TRANSMEC, FRISAYE, S.

T. A… www. tts. be Based in Welkenraedt, on a 30-acre site, TDG Mond has become an indispensable specialist in transport and logistics for packed chemical products with more than 119.

99 yd2 of logistics surface. Galliker Transports and Logistics carries out its business in the HautsSarts business park. In daily contact with its platforms in Switzerland, Italy , Slovakia and Sweden, Galliker benefits from a modern logistics centre with space devoted to controlled temperature (including for frozen goods) and to biologistics. The IT www. Jeanheck.

be www. ond. be www. galliker. com Liege Airport : freight, a priority Liege Airport, open 24h/24h, is the first European airport to have built its strategy on the development of “full cargo’ traffic.A paying strategy, since Liege Airport ranks in the top ten among the European cargo airports.

The airport has all the necessary infrastructures (warehouses, border inspection station for perishable goods and live animals, decompression boxes) and allows loading/unloading within 100 minutes. North of the airport, important works are in progress for the construction of additional parking spaces for planes. Ten places for 8-747 and a warehouse of 70,000 ft2 are already available. Other plots of land will soon be equipped. LOGISTICS IN WALLONIA www.

liegeairport. om Based in the province of Liege the transport and logistics pole, the local branch of Logistics in Wallonia, has as its main purpose the positioning of the Walloon Region as a land of logistics par excellence. The aim is to improve the competitiveness of companies by encouraging them to focus on services with added value on behalf of third parties.

To achieve these aims, the pole encourages synergies and supports the creation and development of new activities. ww. logisticsinwallonia. be The Waterways and Multimodality Liege’s port infrastructures are located at the heart of the navigable network of the Rhine-Schelde-Meuse basin.The facilities of the autonomous Port of Liege are 16 miles of quayside and 870 acres of port land; access for Rhine boats (2,500 t) and to the towed convoys of two barges (4,500 t); grain silos with a total ca- pacity of 65,000 cubic yards ; sand and gravel hoppers with a total capacity of 60,000 t; storage tanks of 262,000 cubic yards for petroleum products; and, 66 large storage/handling warehouses with a total covered area of 36 cres.

At Renory, the Portier Group is active not only in transport by waterways but also in construction, the environment and logistics.A pioneer of multimodal transport on this site, this Group is now offering its clients what is known as “the shuttle”, a daily return run of containers by barge to Antwerp and Rotterdam, an economical and ecological means of transport that benefits a great deal from the site’s infrastructure: integration into the railway network and good access to that of the motorways. the autonomous Port of Liege (all means of transport taken together : water, rail nd road) comes to over 20 000 000 tonnes of which 2/3 are transported by waterways. www. portdeliege.

e Somef, a subsidiary of the CFNR, is one of the most important European companies in this sector. The firm is located on the Isle of Monsin and specialises in river and sea port transport and logistics. Among the important companies in transport by waterways and port handling services, we should also mention CTB Magemon (in the Port of Val at Seraing and the Port Collard at Renory and at Isle of Monsin) that has Just set up a container terminal. www. group-portier. be www.

somef. be www. ctbmagemon. om The Multimodal Location For every means of transport, Liege is ideally situated at the intersections of commercial flows.Liege provides multimodal platforms in order to combine these networks and to offer the best logistics facilities. Liege Logistics benefits from the closeness to Liege Airport, from the railway line to Brussels and from the motorway crossroads. It covers 203 acres and it is equipped to accommodate distribution centres. Liege Logistics Intermodal allows the transhipment of containers between rail and road.

Finally, a study on the CAREX project (Cargo Rail Express) has been launched. With its platform with three means of transport, Renory exploits the complementary linkage between the railways, waterways and the roads.At the heart of the autonomous Port of Liege, the Isle of Monsin, with its 2. 5 acres of covered dock (the second largest in Europe by area), is directly connected to the road and rail networks. Liege Trilogiport – a new extension of 242 acres – offers new perspectives to the third inland port in Europe with a state-of-the- OAERIAL MEDIA Distribution Centres, Logistics Chains and Services to Customers The logistics activity also has a number of major players in the field of distribution mong which many foreign companies.Located close to the airport, Skechers, the American footwear giant, has set up its European distribution centre in the ProLogis park, the leading global provider of integrated distribution facilities and services Each day, Farnell In One’s European distribution centre sends out between two and three thousand orders (mechanical parts, electrical and electronic components, etc.

) from Liege to the major countries of Europe. PFSWeb has set up its European headquarters as well as a call centre and a distribution centre on the Liege Logistics site.This company specialises in services ssociated with 82B and B2C logistics. The French company Lyreco has established its distribution centre for the Benelux countries in the Province of Liege. Lyreco is the leading distributor of office supplies for the 82B market in Europe. CooperVision (USA) , third contact lenses manufacturer in the world, has invested 5. 5 million euros in a distribution centre for Northern Europe in the economic activities park of Hauts-Sarts. This will regroup six existing EDCs.

Legris Herstal (France) has set up a distribution centre of connectics parts of 80,731 ft2. The orders are treated by a edicated computer software ensuring a swift delivery. These two companies rent large surfaces from Vincent Logistics.

www. lyreco. be www. prologis.

com www. farnellinone. com www. legris. com www.

pfsweb. com www. skechers.

com www. vincentlogistics. com Logistics Real Estate The transport and logistics sector, of course, requires large amounts of space.Space is or will be available in the next few years, as a result of the release of new attractive plots by the steel giant, ArcelorMittal, and the implementation by SPI + of new economic activities parks selected by the Walloon Region. Business Parks For companies active in the sphere of transport and logistics, some business parks created by SPI + benefit from a strategic location : Villers-le-Bouillet, Les Hauts-Sarts, Hermalle-sous-Huy and Liege Logistics. Investors’ demands are met in accordance with their specific needs.

[email protected] be A Business Park where Multimodality is King Downstream from the autonomous Port of Liege is Liege Trilogiport, the multimodal logistics platform of Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, developed on a 242 acre site, a container terminal of more than 30 acres, almost 1. 2 miles of quayside, an interior dock and rail services. It can easily accommodate large distribution and handling centres who are interested in benefiting from the exceptional position as an inner harbour, both for Antwerp and Rotterdam. [email protected] e OPAL-Exp?©rience Communication A Training Centre for the Transport and Logistics Sectors Forem Formation Logistique, located close to Liege Airport, offers a wide choice of training courses in logistics in keeping with the evolution of the professions and the requirements of companies.

Each year, several hundreds of people benefit from short or long courses, in particular courses for warehouse managers, logistics fleet anagers and security advisers and also for storekeepers, dispatchers, forklift drivers and handlers, overhead crane drivers as well as heavy goods vehicle drivers and coach/bus drivers.This is a programme that is regularly completed with new courses such as logistic traceability and discovery of the warehouse Jobs. The Forem offers the free services of its advisory team located in the training centre, and specialises in employment in the warehouse/transport/logistics sector (workforce availability, recruitment support, reduction in employee costs, etc… ), in addition to ffering a service dedicated to establishing contact with foreign investors.OFOREM For any further information, please contact SPI + The Economic Development Agency for the Province of Liege 8-4000 LIEGE BELGIUM T?©l. 230 11 11 ??? Fax 11 20 http://www.

liegeonline. com ??? [email protected] be With the support of GRE-Liege, P?¶le Transport, Logistics in Wallonia and Meuse- Vesdre D?©veloppement asbl With the financial support of the Walloon Region and the E. R.

D. F. The Province of Liege, the Winning Business Location OSPI+ 2008 – Design : www. carmeldesign. be georges. [email protected]


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