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Let’s start off with the articles of confederation. Did you know that the first written constitution of the United States was the “articles of confederation”? Well, it was the first written constitution. At that time there were no president or executive at the head! Since there was no president or executive at the head, there was also no power to tax; money was always raised by begging. Imagine begging for money just to have a piece of bread. Life was really bad at the time of the” articles of confederation”. And even, when they asked for money they declined, it was like they didn’t matter to them at all they just wanted the money for themselves! But, members of congress didn’t really take their job or responsibility seriously, and the public ignored them. The articles of confederation led to the Virginia plan, N.J plan, and the great compromise by the the constitutional convention being intended to amend the articles of confederation. In the great compromise (also known as the Connecticut compromise) they had two houses of congress and a house of representatives. The house of representatives was used according to population elected by the voters. And hnally, each state had equal representation state legislatures that chose senators. New Jersey plan, it had modified the articles of confederation. They also wanted to make several governments stronger, raise taxes and regulate trade, and each state was equally represented. And finally for the Virginia plan, they had all agreed that they would be able to make binding laws on states plus collect taxes. The number of each state reflected on the state’s population as well. Finally they wanted to start 3 branches; executive judicial and legislative. Let’s talk about the federalists and antifederalists. Federalists supported the constitution while antifederalists opposed the constitution. For the articles of confederation they abandoned it but the antifederalists fixed the constitution.Anti federalists didn’t like individual rights they thought it was wrong to treat people the same. The hrst 1O amendments of the Bill of Rights are the most important in US history. The bill of rights protected us (citizens) by giving us individual liberties but it did not mean people could have said what they wanted. For example if some citizens are having some sort of secret meeting and not doing anything illegal then their government can’t interfere with them. How did the bill of rights go all the way to the three branches? Well, since people were just deciding and fighting about equal laws or not many citizens just decided to make a legislative branch that its job is basically to make laws. But not only did the legislative branch do that, they also had the power to borrow money, and had the sole power to tax. Moving on to the executive branch, did have the job to execute laws instead of making them. They could have rejected appointments, theories, may impeach the president and 

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