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Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci was born on the fifteenth of April, 1452, near thetown of Vinci, not far from Florence. He was the son of a Florentine notary,Piero da Vinci, and a young woman named Caterina. Leonardo spent most of hislife in Florence and Milan. In 1469 he was apprenticed to Andrea Verrocchio, a leading Renaissancemaster. Leonardo acquired a variety of skills while he remained at the workshopuntil 1476.

He left Florence for Milan in about 1482 to work for Duke LodovicoSforza. He stayed in Milan for nearly eighteen years. During his time there heapplied his knowledge of mechanics to his obligations as a civil and militaryengineer. He also took up study in anatomy, biology, mathematics, and physics.

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During that time he completed his single most important painting, The LastSupper. Leonardo returned to Florence in 1500. Three years later, Leonardobegan several important artistic projects, including the Battle of Anghiarimural for the council chamber of the Town Hall, the portrait of Mona Lisa, andthe lost Leda and the Swan. At the same time his interests in anatomy led himto perform dissections, and he organized a study of the flight of birds. Leonardo left Italy forever, in leonardo, florence, milan, painting, work, vinci, drawings, years, scientific, projects, paintings, one, time, mona, lisa, da, anatomy, florentine, first, engineer, great, famous, duke, artistic, artist, unfinished, near, italy, french, during, been, architect, although, world, two, service, served, renaissance, painter, notebooks, next, never, leonardo?s, left, last, king, given, france, figures, entered

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