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Legalizing Marijuana The Legalization of Marijuana A question that has haunted society for many decades is: Should the use of marijuana be legalized While some disagree, many agree and have several reasons to support their decision. Marijuana is a drug from the Indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa, it can be smoked or eaten for a hallucinogenic and relaxing effect. The supporters of legalizing marijuana believe there are enough positive reasons to overcome the negatives. Yes, many people consider marijuana to be a ?gateway? to other more serious drugs but on the otherhand the same can be said about alcohol or even tobacco.

If used responsibly marijuana is a safe drug that we can benefit from, whether it is for medical or economical reasons or to lower the rate of crime. Marijuana used responsibly is safer, less addicting than many legal drugs. Dr. Andrew Weil was part of the first team of researchers to perform a government authorized study into the effects of marijuana on humans. This team made its study in 1968.

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These researchers determined that marijuana could be used safely under medical supervision. In the twenty years since then, Dr. Weil has seen no information that would cause him to reconsider marijuana, drug, government, tobacco, legal, drugs, alcohol, patients, medical, county, against, year, while, safe, crime, cancer, canada, about, war, taxes, suffering, should, shapiro, said, reasons, rate, question, one, mama, lower, instead, illegal, hemp

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