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Left Brain – Right Brain

I am like most males, I love mathematics and I hate english. I could be given an

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assignment that is extremely challenging in its? equations… but give me a story to understand and

explain, and I am lost. For instance, many reading assignments I?ve been given, end up going

?through one ear and out the other.?

My father is the exact same way… it must be a genetic trait. He is a brilliant architect, yet

his secretary is always frustrated with him because he misspells everything, and he has trouble

explaining things verbally…I know he hates this about himself. Since I am the same way, I?d like

to avoid making the same mistakes and feeling the same inadequacies.

I want to be able to go a party in the near future and be confident about how I make

conversations, be funny and interesting. While I am at those parties, I realize how I can be some

what antisocial and intimidated by other people. Sometimes I just worry to much about what

people think about me…but when I am at those parties I drink to go from a shy, insecure person,

to a

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