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Learning In The Womb At birth, children were viewed as blank tablets to be written on it by their life events. Investigation reveals that newborns have genetic tendencies. Some basic wisdom does occur within the womb. Most experts now have the same opinion that the basis for learning begins much earlier than the actual birth. In the first trimester, the fetus?s neural tube is just commencing to develop, so the brain is not fully operational. But according to Doctor Makoto Shichida, the answer can be found in the right brain hemisphere, also called the image brain.

Psychologist William Fifer from Columbia University stated that newborns prefer their mother?s voice to voices of other women. Once they tried electronically altering the mother?s voice, so it would seem as it did when the child was in the womb. This sound is more favored than the mother?s voice as it sounds outside the womb. This showed that fetuses were able to commit to memory the sound and ?learn? it was harmless. This analysis was one of the first to show that babies are born with both a short and a long term memory.

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