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Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence in and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals.

(Dublin, Dahlias, & Miller, 2012). Anyone can be a leader but not all leaders have leadership values or qualities in them. Roost (1993, p. 99) on the other hand defines leadership as when leaders and collaborators who anticipate real modification that echo their mutual purposes. In my own observation, leadership has many diverse meanings.

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Leaders and leadership are defined differently for everyone. It is therefore in the eye of the beholder (Western, 2008).I have a different experience working under different bosses in the past. I have experienced participative or democratic leadership under a manager in Hewlett Packard (HP). He was more like a team leader. He used to delegate tasks to the group and always wanted to develop you so that you can reach your full potential. He was more like a mentor to all the workers and everyone respected him.

Groups have always been the building blocks of organizations. Groups and teams grew in importance during the past decade as a fundamental unit of organization structure (Dubbed & Dadaists, 2003).Other different experience that I have encountered has to do my task with minimal supervision by the manager. The nature of the Job itself is dissimilar hence explaining the role that the manager has to play. I was working in a telecommunication line as customer service agent.

The Job is more operational. For example, we were given our own working stations and our Job is to pickup calls from the customer and resolves their Internet connectivity issues. Regular supervision by the manager was not needed, as the workers know their role and task better.We were trained beforehand on how to handle different issues and circumstances. This type of leadership is more authoritarian.

Authoritarian leaders, also branded as autocratic leaders, provide clear expectations for what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done. Each and every one of us is a leader. The father or the parent of each family for example, is a leader. They teach and educate their children from a very young age to evaluate the good and the bad. In school, we have a captain who leads the respective sports that represents the school. He or she is a leader.Regardless they are appointed by the coach or voluntarily want to lead he team.

I was once a leader in captaining my school soccer team for a year. I liaised a lot with the coach and players. Leading the pre-match stretching, giving words of encouragement to the players and supervising the coach most of the time.

Aside from sports leadership example that I have given, I was also a school prefect. When you are a school prefect, students respect you because a prefect was chosen based on obtaining good grades in school as well as having represent the school for any sporting or extra-curricular activities.It is not easy to become a prefect. Once you old that stature, you need to maintain it and show all the fellow students that you will lead them to be better students. In the family aspect, I am the eldest out of all my siblings. My parent’s expect me to snow good example Ana mainly respected values to my slings. From a very young age, I was trained to lead and educate them on how to do things, be it in school or non-school matters.

I could say that I am a good and influential leader. They respected me and sometimes do ask me for advice.I took a leadership quiz on the Internet and have found out that the results indicate that my leadership style is redecoration participative. Participative leaders acknowledge effort from one or more group members when making decisions and solving problems, but the leader holds the final say when choices are made. Group members tend to be encouraged and motivated by this style of leadership.

This style of leadership often leads to more effective and accurate decisions, since no leader can be an expert in all areas. Input from group members with specialized knowledge and expertise creates a more complete basis for decision-making.I personally feel that I am more of a “team player” when it comes to getting things done in a group. I appreciate and want to hear what other has to say before making my final verdict.

Apart from the Internet quiz, I tried quizzes from Dublin et al. And found out that in the leadership assessment of “readiness for the leadership role” concludes that I am in the moderate level of readiness for the leadership role. I personally think that I am nearly there but I need to change my attitude so that I would score more g’s and g’s in the quizzes.In the assertive scale of leadership assessment quiz on the other hand, I scored 17 out of 30, which puts me in the assertive group. Below are the four short interviews that I have conducted as well as the 360-degree evaluation on four interviewees. Interviewee 1: Justine Wong (Friend) 1) How do you define leadership? Leadership is about showing people that you are capable.

Capable of guiding and leading people in a group and bring out the best of them. For example, a manager of a football team will always bring the best out of his players and always lead by example during the training sessions. ) What capabilities should leaders possess? Leaders should possess quality such as having integrity in doing their work, being air and unbiased to all. For instance, without integrity, the group of people who are led by the manager will not move in the right direction because the purpose of their business is not trustworthy. Being fair and unbiased is for example not giving promotion to the “favorite” staff Just because he or she shared the same color of your skin and not because he or she deserved to get promoted.

3) How do you characterize me as a leader?I think that you are capable of being a good leader because you are outspoken and influential for example when we play in the same team in indoor soccer, I can see hat you are vocal and always giving instructions. I can also see that you do not Just give instructions but you lead by example in terms of “walk the talk”. 4) What three words would others use to describe me a leader? Determined, passionate and humble. 5) How do you see me developing as a leader? You can be a better leader as time passes by because I think that matures you in terms of thinking and making better decisions.

One more think, gain as much knowledge as possible and always stay grounded. Interviewee 2: Sit Aisha (Sister) Learners Tort me Is naval ten ruling Attlee to lead Ana not naval personal gal. Or agenda. For example, anyone can be a leader but if they embraced the wrong attitude then they will not succeed. Being a leader requires a lot of sacrifices for the team and not for personal glory or recognition. 2) What capabilities should leaders possess? Leaders should have qualities like being knowledgeable and staying calm during tense situations.Staying calm and know what to do next is a vital skill that leaders should possess.

3) How do you characterize me as a leader? I think that you can be a better leader if you can manage to control your emotions. Learn to resolve issues by discussing and not using emotions. 4) What three words would others use to describe me a leader? Humble, hardworking and determined.

As I said earlier, you can be a better leader if u can put your emotions aside and act using your brain more. You are very capable and I can see you leading a sporting organization in the future.Interviewee 3: Phil Clarke (Football West Junior Manager) Leadership is the ability to come up with new set of ideas for the betterment of a team or organization and as well as being influential to others in a positive manner. ) What capabilities should leaders possess? Leaders should not be afraid of taking risks and should not be worried of making mistakes. From the mistakes they have made, they can get a better idea on how to run things in the future. 3) What can I best contribute as a leader?You can best contribute as a leader when you become more participative and not afraid of asking questions. There is no such thing as a “stupid” question.

If in doubt, ask the right person straight away. 4) How do you characterize me as a leader? I would characterize you as being participative and always wants to get involved. For example, when we organism the Football West Junior Finals, you did ask a lot of questions about the history and how things are run here with Football West.

That’s a positive start. 5) What places might suit my capabilities?I think that you are more of a people person. You should do well working with any sporting organizations and even at event management companies in being pro-active and guiding them on policies and advising them on how things should run. Interviewee 4: Hazard Said (HP Manager) Leadership is a skill that one possesses to influence others. It is about having the right mixture o take action in the right place at the right time. 2) HOW do you see me as developing as a leader? I can see you becoming a good leader in many years to come.I still remember when you one of the team captain of a team when we had our team building activity and despite being one of youngest in the department, you showed great charisma and leadership qualities. I was quite impressed.

The key is, remember that you can never stop learning new things from anyone and stay humble. 3) What three key pieces of advice would you give to me as a prospective leader? Firstly is never make a decision without discussing. Ideas and brainstorming sessions is very important and decisions could be clearer when more minds are behind it.Secondly, when you Decode a leader, you need to let your team or group memoirs nave tenet say In expressing themselves in both positive and negative way. Every criticism will turn out as a positive outcome at the end of the day and lastly is most of the time show to your team members that you are there for them in providing guidance and 4) What three words would others use to describe me as a leader? Assistance. Focused, motivated and energetic. 5) What can I best contribute as a leader? I know you have the talent in bringing out the best out of people.

Keep on doing it. Team members will appreciate it and will feel that they are more valued.Try not to be hasty in making decisions and always discuss it the team before having the final say.

Aside from doing short interviews with the interviewees. I did ask them fill in a 360-degree feedback chart as well via email. A 360-degree feedback chart is a chart where people will give you both positive and negative feedback about your leadership behavior and attitude. A positive gap indicates that the group or individual rates you higher than you rate yourself. A active gap nearness you rate yourself higher on the behavior or attitude than does the group or individual. (Dublin, Dahlias, & Miller, 2012).Interviewee 1 : Justine Wong (Friend) Behavior/Attitude Self-rating Interviewee’s rating Gap 1. Inspires people 9 8 2.

Gets people pulling together 7 3. Considerate of people 4. Gives frequent feedback 6 5. Is a helpful person 6. Give chance to improve Ratings (10 is highest) 7.

Wants you to be self-reliant 5 Although my relationship with interviewee 1, Justine Wong are friends. I was also a captain of our indoor soccer team. I asked him to rate me and gave me some feedbacks here. As you can see, the result was not far off and I could say that he knows me well as a person and rate my leadership qualities on and off the court.He gave me 3 positive feedbacks out of 7. Interviewee 2: Sit Aisha (Sister) 7. 5 -1. 5 -2 +2 6.

5 -0. 5 4 Interviewee 2, Sit Aisha, which is my sister, thinks that I am very helpful and get people pulling together but she does not think that I inspire people that much. She gave me 3 positive feedbacks out of 7. Interviewee 3: Phil Clarke (Football West Junior Manager) 9. 5 +0. 5 8.

5 +2. 5 The third interviewee, Phil Clarke, who was the person I was working under last time hill doing voluntary and casual Jobs with Football West, has given lots of positive feedback.He gave me a high score of 5 out of 7. Interviewee 4: Hazard Said (HP Interviewee’s rating The last interviewee, my former manager thinks that I have some good leadership qualities.

He rates my behavior and attitude quit fairly. I am quite surprised as he gave me a healthy score of 4 positive feedbacks out of the possible 7. In conclusion, in doing this first assessment of self-analysis essay, I could say that I know which leadership styles I fall under and I think that I know myself better know from the feedback of others.

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