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Leadership has two
aspects: The amount of direction (Task Behaviour) a leader gives and the amount
of socio-emotional (relationship behavior) a leader provides.

A leader should change
his/her leadership style as per the maturity level of the followers.

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The maturity level of
the followers could be described on the basis of two aspects: “ability” and the


In its simplest terms, leadership is an
attempt to influence.  So anytime one is
try to influence someone in a group of organisations, one is attempting
leadership. There is no one magical solution for being an effective leader. The
only way to impact the performance of the other people is through one’s
behaviour. Effective leadership depends upon what behaviour one is using in a
particular situation. One need to match the leaders’ behaviour to the
performance needs of the individual or group. It is how one behaves to a person
as a leader, is how is one affecting to that person in reference to a specific

Assess the person’s performance readiness: the
extent to which a follower demonstrates the ability and willingness to
accomplish a specific task.

do that specific task. Not that people

Performance readiness levels: The different
combinations of ability and willingness that a follower brings to a specific

Broadly, situational leadership implies
that you can solve performance problems at any level in the organisation, by
changing the culture, it provides you an opportunity to win.


Sl simply states that there is no one best
leadership style for all situations. The leadership style that is best for a
particular situation depends upon employee’s skill set and attitude.


The X-axis signifies the degree of
Directive behaviour that the leader must exhibit. That is, the degree of
one-way communication from the leader to employee.

The Y-axis shows the degree of Supportive
behaviour a leader must exhibit. That is, the degree of two-way communication
between the leader and the employee.

The bar below shows the Development of the Employee.
Moving from right to left, the employee is becoming more competent and more
confident at his/her job. the colors along this bar coordinate with the squares
above it. 

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