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Whilst in my secondary education having the initial careers advice of what I aspired to do in the future, I came to realism that Law was an area of which I was extremely interested in and wished to peruse this as possible career. In recent years, I’ve read several fiction books and watched TV programmer which featured the legal system and also involved criminology – this sparked my interest even more. Once it came to deciding my A Level choices, Law was a clear choice for me; I felt it would give me a read understanding of the subject and a good head start into studying Law.

This summer I have also independently got in contact with a local barrister to shadow her in order to have an introduction and insight into real life law, inside and outside the court doors. I would like to gain as much experience as possible in the law environment; I feel this illustrates the focus and commitment I have for the subject. I feel that participating in the Pathways to Law project would be an absolutely antistatic and extremely beneficial opportunity for me; it would give me the reassurance, knowledge, confidence and an insight of perusing a degree or a career in Law.

Participating in the project would allow me to gain a greater understanding of the subject, develop new skills and enable me to have an understanding of what university life is like. The advice and support that is provided, especially for a Law degree when applying for universities, would be of a great value for me as I’m one of he first generation in my family that wishes to go to university and therefore it would be an insightful experience to get a taste of what I’d experience.

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The National Conference, work experience and visits to Legal Institutions would be a brilliant opportunity; I could learn and see so much, all would be immensely beneficial to me and that I’d be extremely grateful for. I would love for you to consider me for Pathways to Law; I feel the two year project would be extremely fitting for me and give me the confidence to follow my aspiration to have a career in Law.

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