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language and they don’t have any
option for translate the site. And if we don’t learn English it may create many
problem like we can’t access and kind of English news and any type of
informationCost of educationAnother issue of education in the
article of Maliha Naveed is ”The
cost of education” it is another factor for parents to decide whether to send
their children to government schools or private schools or no schools. Cost of
education has better further due to increased inflation. Educating a child in
public school costs twice to society as would cost in private school. Although
private schools appear cheaper but government fees appear “free” to parents,
however society allows the cost by paying taxes societal “cost of learning” is
lower in private schools, but private schools are located in richer
expenditures only. The inconsistency is that private schools are better but not
everywhere and governments schools ensure equitable access but do not provide
quality education. And those who don’t have much money and also have more than
3 children does not allow their children for study and prefer for the labor.
This is another issue not to give education due to higher cost. (Naveed, 2013) Gender biased Gender discrimination is
exceptionally normal in Pakistan. People are extremely moderate and they don’t
need their girls to go to class and get education. Because of this, the
proportion of boys and girls in elementary schools is 10:4. In Human
Development Report Pakistan is set at 136th position for having only 49.9%
educational institute. Pakistan is positioned at 113th out of 120 registered UN
members as indicated by the research directed by UNESCO et al. A portion of the
exceptionally essential defects of the training framework in Pakistan add to
the financial, ethnic and sociopolitical with in the country. In addition, the
nature of instruction in the vast majority of the state funded schools and
universities is well worse than average; the educators in government schools
are not all around prepared. Moreover there are very few school in rural area
for girls and many of the parents are not allow them to get education with boys
because of the lack of the schools girls can’t get proper education. The
daughter of Nawaz Shreef also take steps for girl’s education and launched
buses for girls in rural area but few of the parents allow to get education.
The govt. of Pakistan should take step to build new schools and also promote
girls education so that girl’s also should take parts for the progress of the
countryLow budget in education

spend very low budget for the education purposes and Pakistan is the lowest
country of south asia who spend less budget for the education. In the report of
dawn news ‘Public Financing of
Education in Pakistan and Agenda for Education Budget 2016-17’, was launched by
the Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS). It is very important to
increase the budget In education.  As the
George Washington carver said Education
is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. According to the survey the
education minister are trying to improve education ond also establish many
school Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Shreef also establish the Danish school for the
improvement of education. We can’t make paraha likha Punjab without teaching
the student (Pakistan’s education spending
lowest in South Asia, 2016)

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