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Lack of Attention and Affection Many children in the United States have the same problem as Jimmy. Parents always working late, never have enough money, always on edge. The parents in America are so stressed out by the time they get home from their job, they are yelling and screaming, or too tired to even notice the children.

Parents are so worried about their daily duties they forget to ask the simple questions. For example, how was your day today Or, what did you learn today In my opinion these are some of the most valuable factors in a kids life. Just giving a child that couple minutes, it really shows you care. Morally you should be there for your child at all times never putting anything first. These are some of the complaints I have received from a child in my office.

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His name is Jimmy. Jimmy has been sent to the office many times and hasn?t learned yet. Today he is in my office with more than just a problem in school. Jimmy is suffering from lack of attention and lack of affection. Me as the guidance counselor can only help to a certain extent. The issues that are in my hands will jimmy, out, mother, first, school, time, life, just, jimmy?s, help, office, know, home, problem, felt, family, child, today, talk, parents, never, needs, mom, little, let, emotions, comes, come, been, baseball, attention, ask, always, about, yelling, wasn?t

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