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A sample of gold (Au) has a mass of 26. 15 g. Given that the theoretical density is 19. 30 g/ml, what is the volume of the gold sample? – 1. 35 E. What would happen if you dropped the object into the beaker while using the Archimedes’ Principle method instead of submerging the object? Water could splash out and mess up the experiment because the volume of the water wool a nave Eden change F. How did the magnet’s density measurement using the Archimedes’ Principle ampere to the density measurement using the calculated volume? Which method might be more accurate?

Why? – The magnet’s density measurement was less accurate using the Archimedes’ Principle than the calculated volume because the Archimedes’ Principle is quite confusing. You can make more mistakes with the Archimedes’ Principle because when you submerge your object you could not submerge it completely, accidental touch a side without any knowledge of it, etc… G. You are given a small piece of gold colored material and want to determine if it is actually gold. Using the Archimedes’ Principle you find that the volume is 0. 0 CM and the mass is 6. 0 g.

What conclusions can you reach from your simple density analysis? – That the density of the gold colored material is higher than that of water. So it is plausible that the material is made of real gold. H. How would you prepare 10 ml off 0. MM HCI solution if MM HCI was available? How much MM HCI is needed? How much distilled water is used? Not sure l. From the Excel chart of Militarily vs…. Density, what was the relationship between the militarily of the sugar solution and the density of the sugar solution? -As the density level decreases so does the militarily level but only more significantly.

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