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In SIN reaction part, using three alkyl halides react with Ethanol as nucleoli in Ethanol solution. These three alkyl elides are n-butyl bromide, sec-butyl bromide and term-butyl bromide. Recalling the time of indicator (boreholes green) in each solution changes to yellow from blue.

In SIN reaction part, using three alkyl halides that are the same in SIN reaction react with Anal as nucleoli in Acetone solution. Recalling the time when cloudiness appears in each three test tubes.For determine product, the product is produced by the reaction between n-butane with Nab. Combining n-butane, Nab, distilled water and concentrated sulfuric acid in round bottom flask, separate rest solution after reaction in centrifuge tube. Washing reduced solution by using distilled water and 5% Enhance. Using Mages to dry product and through infrared spectrum and lost weight to determine product.

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3. Observation a). In SIN reaction, the color of three solutions that have indicator is light blue firstly, after adding alkyl halides, the color changes to light yellow.The color change of solution happened immediately which added term-butyl bromide, it is the fastest. Then is the solution added sec-butyl bromide and time is immediately but longer than ten-butyl bromide. Last one is the solution added n-butyl bromide and time is more than 5 minutes after we heat it. ).

In SIN reaction, at beginning, the colors of three solutions are colorless. After adding alkyl halides, all of three solutions appear cloudiness.When reaction happens, the color of solution that added term-butyl bromide changed to dark yellow firstly, and then it appears cloudiness after heat it.

The fastest one appears cloudiness is the solution added n-butyl bromide, it changed immediately, Then is solution added sec-butyl bromide and time is 1 as. Last one is solution added term-butyl bromide and time is 33 seconds. The color of the solution in part II is light yellow after heat in round bottom flask, and when it is transferred into centrifuge tube.There appears layered and the color in top is light yellow and in the bottom is colorless.

Weight of the centrifuge tube: 15. Egg. Weight of the centrifuge tube and product: 16. Egg. 4). Analyzing A).

For the SIN part. Because the n-butyl is slower than sec-butyl and sec-butyl is slower than term-butyl in the reactions. We can concluded 30>20>10.

B). For the SIN part. Because the n-butyl is faster than sec-butyl and sec-butyl is faster than term-butyl in the reactions. We can concluded From he IR spectrum, we can determine that it is n-butane.

Crude percent yield: 5). Conclusion Now, we can conclude the comparison of SIN and SIN I SIN I SIN 1 intermediate I carbonation I no formal intermediate I mechanism I stepwise I concerted I kinetics 1 1st order 1 2nd order I nucleoli I weak or strong I strong I solvent I polar, portico various I rate determined by I action stability stories I substrate 1 30 > 20 > 10 1 10 > 20 > 30 1 psychotherapist I retention I inversion I In this experiment, we need to make sure which layer is what in every single step. We identify the material by reading IR spectrum.

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