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Maximum Power: Maximum (All power) Average Arm length to height Proportions: sum of values/number of Correlation: (Formula by Excel) Graph Circled are anomalies: They are far away from the trend. Circled are anomalies; they are not precise: far away from trend. Analysis Correlation: The graph on the previous page, showed a weak positive trend, since data point at proportion 2. 55 and 2. 58 were anomalous. Therefore the correlation (calculated by excel) was a fairly weak correlation of 0. 30688 (the closer to 1, the stronger the correlation).

This suggests that there is a weak relationship between the dependent and independent variable. Therefore this could possibly mean that the increase of arm length to height proportion correspondingly increases the maximum power, produced, if not a third variable cause. Interpreting the Gradient: Due to lack of data points it is hard to produce an accurate trend line, however observing from the one we have here, is it is clear that the gradient is a steep (xx). The gradient of the line is y – xx + 199. The graphs scale is shrunk, therefore may not look steep.

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