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This is confusing terminology so how are they different? 4. How many conductors or wires are there in a UT P cable? How many pairs? 5. What colors or wire are used on these wires/pairs? 6. What is a punch down tool and how do you use it? The punch down tool used to insert the wires into a jack such as this does what two things to each wire? 7. What is crosstalk and how does it affect performance? 8. What is the most critical part of the termination procedure to ensure low crosstalk on the connection? 9. How is the outer insulation covering each wire cut through during the termination procedure? 10.

What is the difference between STEP and HTTP cable? What might an application be for each type? References: Add in if you use external references besides the textbook. SECTION II: Read a case study and look at fiber installation techniques. Write a summary of what you learned in your research. 1. Find a case study that you are interested in looking at and read through the case study. Which case study did you select? What was interesting to you about this case study? What did you learn was new to you? (3 points) 2. Find a video under network solutions and look at the fiber installation videos.

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Choose one to watch.Which video did you select? Write a paragraph about what you learned. (3 points) SECTION Ill: Using the Wirehairs software you downloaded last week, answer the questions below.

(Each question is worth 1 point. ) 1 . Show a screen shot of the frame where the SYNC-JACK for TCP stream O appears. What frame is this in? Add in your screen shot here.

2. How long from the time the client issued the initial SYNC for stream 0 did it take the server to answer with the SYNC-JACK? Which method did you use? What was your calculation? 3. Notice that the client had to issue two initial Sync as the first one did not elicit response.

In what frame is the first SYNC that was issued? 4. How long did it take the client to issue the JACK to the SYNC-JACK for TCP stream O? 5. How long did it take the client to issue the first GET for stream 0 after the TCP 3-way handshake was completed? Add in a screen shot of this with the HTTP expanded so you can see information about the GET. Add in your screen shot here. 6. Is this fast or slow? NOTE: What is fast or slow is not specifically discussed in the material for the week.

Is a response in some ten-thousandths of a second is seen as fast “enough” according to Diver?What do you think? Justify your answer. 7. What is the window size sent by the client to the server in the first GET frame? Not the calculated window size using the window scaling factor, the window size value. Show a screen shot of where you found this answer. Add in your screen shot here.

8. As the client receives data does the window size get smaller, stay the same, or get bigger? Justify your answer. 9. What do you conclude from this? Is the client being overloaded? Is it the source of any delays in the response seen by the user? 10. Examine the stream of frames now displayed.Does either end show a smaller and smaller window size as the frames go back and forth? 11. Examine the stream of frames are there any significant differences in the times during the back and forth between the client and the server? 12.

How many duplicate Sacks are there for stream index 0? What filter did you use to search for the UDP sacks? Show a screen shot of your filter and results for full credit. Add in your screen shot here. 13. How many of these are between the client and the server? 14. Does this indicate a problem in the network? Yes or no? How do you justify your answer?SECTION IV: ( 2 points) Using the 100 Tips for Wirehairs document from Laura Chapel, outline your favorite 2 tips and outline when and how you would use them to troubleshoot a network problem. Write at least 3 sentences on each tip you select to profile. Each outline is worthy points each.

1. TIP 1 2. TIP 2 SECTION V: Looking at security with wirehairs. (3 points) After looking at information regarding capturing packets with wirehairs. Write a short paragraph about what you see in this example. What does this tell you about password security in general? How does this profile what an unauthorized person using wirehairs could capture?

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