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The calculated percent yield is 16. 46%, therefore, the reaction never reached completion this may be due to not enough kinetic energy being supplied to the solution, the rate at which reactants collide is increased and failure to do so leaves the reactants stationary. A consequence of this is a very slow reaction. Also, since the reaction is kept at low temperature there is less free energy available in order to reach the transition state.

The IR spectrum allows additional information as to the exact composition of the product. The signal at 3337. 4 CM-l corresponds to the -OH stretch of Borneo and Osborne, and the signals at 2945. 9 and 2876. 1 CM-l correspond to the C-H stretch. Most notably, there is no signal at 1715 CM-l that would correspond to the ketene of camphor. This shows that the reaction was successful in producing Borneo and Osborne and that no starting material was left in the sample.

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A melting point was taken for the product but the results were relatively inconclusive. Borneo and Osborne typically melt at 206-ICC and 212-ICC respectively. However, the sample still sublimed around ICC. Due to the high melting point, it is very difficult to obtain accurate results using the Mel-Temp. The sample did not melt at or before ICC though (the melting point of camphor), once again pointing to the fact that very little or no starting material remained to cause melting point depression.

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