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The axial test was carried out for this rock which is then placed in the adding device upright and closed the platens so they are aligned to the centre 4. Increase the load until failure and record the distance between the platens 5. Record the failure load and mode for the rock Results Discussion Strength characteristic of a rock is an integral part in engineering and categorical practice as it can be the base of structure or the structure itself hence the point test was utilized to determine this crucial parameter.

The rock is initially a round cylindrical shape that is intact. During the testing it split in a roughly 2:3 ratio vertically at the load of 21. Knee with the platen distance of mm. From the experimental data and calculations of the rock, the USC has value is of more than mamma and the Is of 10. Amp indicating that it is an extremely strong rock with grade RE (Hudson & Harrison , 1997). This highlights that only the hammering of a geological hammer can put a dint in it, if it were to be tested in the field.

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Therefore the rock is an intact rock consisting of mainly tooth dark and light grey coarse grains as well as other minerals such as feldspar- white minerals, quartz- transparent and black minerals and mica- creamy white mineral which matches a description of an extremely strong intrusive granite. (Plumper, et al. , 2012)

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