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The Pilling Buildups, those sly little crustaceans, fit in a larger category called arthropods. In case you didn’t know arthropods have exoskeletons.

Living under darker places, munching on decayed wood and leaves you’ll discover that they are usually between 5-15 millimeters long. What makes up this length are their three body segments. The names of the three body segments that buildups are made up of are called head, thorax, and abdomen. As you see in the picture, they have seven pairs of jointed legs! Keep looking at diagram 1 for more information about the pilling body.Buildups are not only known as a pilling, they have a few other names such as woodlice, gibbous and a less scientific name that you might hear people refer them to is roll-poly. Diagram 1 Based on the knowledge about the habitat and environment of the pilling species does bright light affect the movement of the buildups? In the following experiment bright light and darkness movements we’re timed to see how much it differentiated.

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The hypothesis come up for this experiment was if bright light is related to buildups movement then buildups move slower in bright light.For this procedure the independent variable is bright light because that is what we want to test, and dependent variable is movement… Get ready to see results! The experiment was completed by using the materials and steps below.

.. Materials * 3 biology textbooks * Flashlight * Stopwatch * 5 buildups Step 1- Align 2 textbooks parallel [vertically] with lunch in between. Step 2- Place the remaining textbook on top in the middle of the first 2 textbooks, covering the crack..

. So it’s dark. Step 3- Place pilling #1 between the books’ opening at the beginning.Give them a little push to get them started and start the timer. Once headed in the right direction, place a hand or an object over the entrance. By doing that, you assure that the pilling will stay headed in the right direction towards the finish.

Step 4- Wait at the opposite end of start. Once pilling comes out, stop the time and record data in seconds. Place the first recording under the darkness trail one column. If excessive time passes with no pilling appearance, please check on them and restart trial. Step 5- Remove the top textbook keeping the 2 parallel ones in place.

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