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Open-source software (ASS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose 2. What is seen in each of the three panes that display the packets seen on a local area network? Hint: For full credit, you must talk about what is displayed in each pane in addition to the name of each pane. (1 point) Tree view pane- allows the hierarchies view of the header view details Byte view pane- raw data xx bytes per row.

Packet list pane- shows packets and the information on each packet, that is separated info columns 3. What does a display filter do? Where do you add in a splay filter? (1 point) Allows you to define which packets are displayed in the list pane. You would add it into the filter fields. 4. What does the protocol column show? How can this be helpful to you when troubleshooting? (1 point) This column shows the protocol that the packet is using. It would be useful when trying to decide if the proper protocol is being used and if it is causing a conflict which could shut the system or program down. . How do you expand the details in a layer of the packet in the middle frame? What is shown when you expand the details of a packet? (1 point) By clicking the +) sign. The protocol the packet is using as well as the packet information. 6. Wirehairs capture files have what file name extension? (1 point) pacing 7. The time column shows what? The time is displayed in what part of a second (sec, messes, uses, etc. )? (1 point) Time stamps for each packet, the display is defaulted at microseconds 8.

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What happens when you right-click on something in one of the panes? (1 point) It will bring up a “context menu” 9. How is a display filter removed? (1 point) Edit > Preferences > Filter Expressions. Select the filter you no longer want and click Remove. 10. When a filter is correct, what color is the background of the filter window? (1 point) Green Section II: Go to www. Wirehairs. Org and look at the documents page http://www. Wirehairs. Org/docs/. Select one of the network mysteries “Cases” videos to watch and comment on. 1 .

Write a paragraph of at least seven sentences about the case you choose and what you learned about Wirehairs and network troubleshooting from that case. (4 points) looked at the Case of the Missing File. Betty was the “detective and she described a customer calling in due to a missing trace file. She uses Merge cap to look for trends and violets. Betty describes that she was called in for response time. Opening client side round trip time. She discovers the server with over one second response time. The file is missing and it shows no data.

I learned that if there is an issue with this you can hover over the name and it will give you the information you need pertaining to the title. I also learned that only certain protocols are calculated by default. Section Ill: Download Wirehairs and some supporting documents. (You will need this for the Week 3 lab). 1 . Download the appropriate user guide for your downloaded version of Wirehairs. Which version did you download? (1 point) Windows Installer (64-bit) 2. What version of Wirehairs did you download? Show a secretions of the version that you downloaded (as in the graphic above) (2 points).

You are now ready to work on the next Wirehairs lab in Week 3. Section IV: Complete the Skills lab: Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration Lab Grading Rubric Category Points Description Section 1 Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration?16 points total Task 1, Step 2 Related explanation or response Task 1, Step 15 Task 1, step 21 Task 1, step 24 Summary paragraph 4 Paste the requested secretions. Provide the requested answer. In your own words, summarize what you have learned about this lab.

Total 16 Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration lab (16 points) Write a paragraph (a minimum of five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab; what you learned by performing it; how it relates to this week’s Twos and other course material; and, just as importantly, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (8 points) Copy and paste the following corrections from your Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration lab below. Was able to find the code for setting the startup configuration.

Certain components of this lab did not work but was still able to accomplish the vast majority of what was required. This lab allowed me to look in the networking of how to log into a switch and what needed to be done to enable certain facets of the switch. Task 1, Step 2: Paste a secretions after you execute the erase startup-confining command but before you execute the reload command. Note: Be sure to take the secretions before you reload or you will have to repeat this step n order to obtain the correct results. (1 point) Question: What is the effect of erasing the startup-confining file?

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