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The Act required each state to establish criteria for the quality of all interstate waters and develop a plan for the enforcement of the criteria (Wilhelm and Doris). One of the most important parameters required for the description of the characteristics of water is the lifetime value of ozone.

The lifetime of ozone is characterized by direct laboratory experiments and it is extremely sensitive to the chemical composition of the water (Hogging© and Bade).There are also characteristics included in analysis of water quality that complicate the results of quality tests such as non-normal distributions, seasonality, flow relatedness, issuing values, values too low to be detected, and serial correlation. However, there are supplemental techniques that account for the complications. The seasonal Kendall test accounts for seasonality, missing values, and values too low to be detected.The seasonal Kendall slope estimator is more accurate in detecting data that is more likely to be skewed. The final technique accounts for change over time of the relationship between constituent concentration and flow (Hirsch, Slack, and Smith).

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My hypothesis for the Chevy Chase street runoff water ample is that it will have the highest turbidity out of the other water samples. Predict that if the street runoff has the highest turbidity, then it will also be the least safe for people to drink.Materials and Methods: When testing for the presence of chemicals in the water sample, we also tested two control samples? one positive for each chemical except for calcium magnesium and nitrates, and one negative for each chemical except for calcium magnesium and nitrates. We tested the control samples to know what it looked like if our water sample was either positive or negative for the presence of each chemical. We tested also for the level of dissolved oxygen in MGM/L, the pH level, temperature of the sample in degrees Celsius, and the turbidity of the sample in nonparametric turbidity units (NTIS).The level of dissolved oxygen was tested using a dissolved oxygen probe.

The pH was tested using both a pH probe and litmus paper. The temperature was taken with a temperature probe and the turbidity was tested using a turbidity sensor. Results: The water sample my group worked with was the street runoff from Chevy Chase. Observing it in the container before testing, it appeared a bit cloudy and had a slight brownish-yellow color to it.Below are the graphs representing data for the parameters of each water sample from the four sources and the data for the concentration of chemicals in the samples. Not shown on the graphs are the results as to whether or not the water samples were positive or negative for iron, phosphate, calcium magnesium, and chlorine.

Those results are shown in the table below. Chemical Chevy Chase Street Runoff Rock Creek Park Filtered Tap Water Agriculture Iron Negative Positive Phosphate Calcium Magnesium Chlorine Discussion: The environment plays an important role in the quality of water.For example, the street runoff had the highest turbidity as a result of collecting other particles and chemicals as it flows over the ground. This influenced my hypothesis and prediction because it lead me to believe that even though some water sources may seem dirtier at first, it may end up being cleaner and safer than other sources.

The results supported my hypothesis and prediction because even though the water from Rock Creek Park appeared dirtier than the unify, it was actually cleaner, as shown in the graphs and table.The tests done for iron, phosphate, calcium magnesium, and chlorine were qualitative while the tests for dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, turbidity, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites were quantitative. Based on the tests done on these samples, I can determine that even though a sample of water is clear and smells fresh, potentially harmful chemicals can still be present. Overall, it is important to have safe drinking water because unsafe water can not only be harmful to our health, UT to the health of plants and animals in the environment.

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