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Lab:Measurement Error (Bounds) Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to understand and recognize that errors do occur when doing experiments and making measurements. With this lab we had to understand how to analyze the data using measurement bounds. Theory: In this experiment we were to find the density of the wood we are measuring by using the method of upper bound and lower bound. Density is a physical property of matter. Every element and compound has its very own unique density associated with it.

Density can be defined in a qualitative manner as the assure of the relative heaviness of objects with a constant volume or also as the amount per unit size. Apparatus In this experiment we used four apparatuses. We used 1 rectangular block of wood , 1 triple beam balance calibrated , 1 meter stick and 1 micrometer. Procedure In this experiment the first step we did was measured the block of wood’s length, width and height using the meter stick or the micrometer. Next we recorded the lower bound, upper bound and our best estimate for the length, width and height of the block of wood.

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We also repeated this step to find the mass of the lock using the triple beam balance. Next we were to find the density of the block of wood. My lab partners and found the density for the lower bound , upper bound and for our best estimate.

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