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Therefore, the soil has two important properties to be analyzed, the Liquid Limit (AL) and the Plastic Limit (PL). The Liquid Limit is the moisture content that makes the soil has a liquid behavior. The Plastic Limit is the moisture content below which the soil becomes from the plastic state to the semi-solid state, which means it loses the ability to be shaped and starts to become brittle. 1. 2) Purpose of Experiment To determine the Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Plasticity Index and the soil classification according to USC classification. . 3) Equipment 1. . 1) Liquid Limit Dried Soil Sample Flat Grooving Tool Blackening and Storage Container Liquid Limit Device 1. 3. 2) Plastic Limit Ground Glass Plate Drying oven Speculative Washing Pandered Soil Sample 1 A) procedures For the Limit Liquid test, around 1 50 to egg of soil was collected thought the No. 40 sieve and placed into a mixing and storage container. After, it was added water in the sample and mixed in order to acquire the consistency for numbers of blows desired. The Liquid Limit Device was calibrated before the test be done.

Then, first was collected a sample with the consistency for 15 to 20 blows for the Liquid Limit Device. The soil was placed into the cup of the Liquid Limit Device and it was squeezed down and spread into the cup to a depth of about 1 Mom, after it was formed a groove in the soil drawn by flat grooving tool. Thus, 15 to 20 blows were done to the groove be closed and the sample was collected, weighed and placed into the drying oven machine. The procedure was repeated twice, however, was added more soil sample in order to decrease the moisture intent and then, 20 to 30 and 30 to 35 blows were done to close the groove, respectively.

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In addition, the plasticity index was determined, and together with the values of the particle size of the last experiment, it was possible to classify the type of soil sample analyzed. References: (I)ASTM D 4643-00, “Standard Test Method for Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil by the Microwave Oven Heating”. (2)Chug, Dry. Y. , P. , Carlton, C. (2014). “Laboratory Experiments Documentation”, Rock Mechanics: Principles and Design (MANGE: 431-4). (3) ASTM D 4618-00, “Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of Soils”.

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