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The quantity of heat transferred to the solution of Noah in the water was recorded. Method 2 A clean mall beaker was weighed and mass was recorded to 73. Egg. Mall of 1. 0 M HCI was obtained and placed in the beaker. The beaker was weighed for a 2nd time which had a mass of 174. Egg. The temperature was taken and recorded. The temperature of the Noah solution in the calorimeter was measured which was 34. 9 degrees Celsius. The two solutions were the mixed in the calorimeter and temperature was recorded after two minutes. The quantity of heat transferred to the naturalization of Noah and HCI was recorded.

Method 3 A calorimeter was cleaned and dried and mass was recorded as 1 7. Egg. Mall of solution was put in a calorimeter. The calorimeter and HCI solution a mass of 121. Egg. The temperature of the HCI solution was recorded. Measured out the mass of of about 4. Egg of Noah and used a mortar and pestle to grind it into a powder. The temperature of the solution was measured until it was constant. The calorimeter was reweighed again and mass was recorded. The quantity of heat transferred to the naturalization of Noah and HCI was recorded. Results/Calculations Please refer to attached sheet. Discussion

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Hiss’s Law states that a chemical process is independent of the path taken from the initial to the final state. Hiss’s law can be used to find the energy required for a chemical reaction. The results that were achieved in the lab did not verify Hiss’s Law. The Enthalpy of equation 1 and 2 were supposed to equal the enthalpy in equation 3. The results that were recorded form the experiment were -19. K + -37. ASK= ASK] and the 3rd reaction had an enthalpy of -ASK]. Since the numbers did not sum up properly, one can assume that errors were made in the experiment. The heat of the reactions did not release the amount of heated added to sum -ASK].

The temperature of a solution could have been taken too soon, not allowing the NOAH to fully disassociate in the solution and create a exothermic reaction. Supplemental Problems None. Summary/Conclusion In this lab, calorimeter was used to determine quantity of heat transferred in the dissolution of Noah in water. The quantity of heat transferred in the naturalization of Noah and HCI was performed twice to verify Hiss’s Law. Hiss’s Law could not be applied to this experiment due to human errors or other errors that occurred in the lab. Another experiment will need to be preformed in order to verify Hiss’s law.

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