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Laboratory Requirements All students will need to have the following for laboratory: 1. Signed safety contract on file 2. Disposable laboratory notebook (in the event of contamination or spills) 3. Writing utensil 4. Oversized t-shirt to cover clothes and/or willingness to get clothes dirty I do not want to hear about spills on clothes, or funny smells, or contamination. Please have a spare change of clothes ready or have a “lab coat”- like t-shirt available. Laboratory Rules Please be aware that the main rules in the laboratory will surround general fatty, safe handling of materials and chemicals, and prevention of contamination.

For that reason, it is required that labs be read ahead of the first day of the week of class. This ensures that when the laboratory procedures are being covered, students can easily follow along with procedures and maintain the highest level of safety in the lab. Lab Reports Lab reports will take one of three formats in this course depending on the type of lab and the form of inquiry follow-up that takes place. You will be told before beginning each lab which of the following three formats will be required of you ND your teammates.

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In addition to each of these written formats, you will need to submit data and any graphs before you begin your inquiry component. Please read over each of the following different requirements and rubrics and keep this copy in your lab notebooks for reference. Quick Write This lab format will require you and your lab partners to respond to a series of questions about the purpose of the lab, your inquiry component, and locate a current article to tie in modern research and applications of the principles.

While the write-up will be the shortest formally, the depth of questions and strength of article and connections will be emphasized. General rubric (can be changed based on the questions asked per lab): Response to questions: 10 points Inquiry description: 15 points Purpose of the lab: 10 points Modern relevant article: 5 points Applications of principles: 10 points Total: 50 points Peer Review This lab write-up will emphasize applying your understanding of the main lab principles, developing a new experiment or extending the current lab, and critiquing how other works can be improved.

Students will individually be partnered, not-necessarily reciprocally, and will present their inquiry monuments to the labs. The peer review component will consider how students analyze and critique their partner’s work and consider what could be improved in the study or what further extensions or applications exist.

General rubric (subject to change based on the lab): Description of inquiry lab: 15 points Presentation of inquiry lab: 10 points Written component of inquiry lab: 15 points Peer review*: 20 points 60 points * graded based on level of critique given to peer, not on critique received Formal Lab Report This will be a full, formal written report for each individual member including rapes, abstracts, hypotheses, materials, procedures, and conclusions and implications for future studies.

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