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If we analyses graph non we can see that is matches a limiting factor graph such as the one below Graph non: limiting factor of light intensity and rate of photosynthesis In graph non the limiting factors that prevents the rate of reaction from going NY higher can be many. For example, the amount of hydrogen peroxide can be a limiting factor because there comes a point where there is no more hydrogen peroxide to break down. Catalane can also be a limiting factor because the amount of catalane enzymes determines how fast the reaction will take place: the more catalane, the faster it will occur. One of the limitations of this experiment is the amount of hydrogen peroxide solution used for each experiment.As the solution needed to be transferred quickly from the test tube to the Erlenmeyer, some of the solution could have spilled, modifying the results. Also the fact that he Erlenmeyer needed to be washed between experiments means that some of the previous experiment ‘s catalane of

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