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Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. This experiment was carried out to compare the effect of two different yoghurt processing techniques on the physical property and sensory attributes of yoghurt. In this experiment, dad was prepared by acid method and enzymatic method. Eight formulations were used. The first 4 formulations by using acid method while the other four formulations by adding different thickening agent. The pH of dad produced using the eighth formulation is 6. 05 while the o BRI obtained is 17. . On the other hand, the viscosity is 0. 6594. For sensory evaluation, the scores obtained for texture, flavor, taste and overall acceptability for the eighth formulation are 5, 4, 3, 4 where 1 is very dislike and 5 is very like. Introduction : ‘Dad’ is a traditional food normally consumed as a dessert in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Physically, it is a sweet soft solid with a fine texture resembling custard and does not break easily when scooped. It is produced by adding acid or enzyme, which causes the curing effect to the milk itself.

This process gives dad its refreshingly milk flavor with unique pudding-like texture. Chemical analysis of ‘dad’ reveals that it contains fat, protein and total sugars (7. 05, 4. 9 and 17. 2%, respectively), if it is made from buffalo’s milk, as traditionally prepared in the early days where buffalo was easily available. Although milk of various animals has been used for yogurt production in various parts of the world, most of the industrialized dad production uses cow’s milk giving a lower fat content of around 2. 8%. Whole milk, partially skimmed milk, skim milk or cream may be used.

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The processing of dad by using enzyme method is quite different compared to acid and innocuous method. In this method, curing process is due to the action of protease enzyme which is known s Rainless (R) ALL that can be found from ASS Novo Industry, Copenhagen, Denmark. Milk curing process is done at ambient temperature without any specification method. However, 5 % of non-fat milk solid over the weight of milk used should be added into the production of dad to get a good texture, as well as to firm the texture of the dad. In this experiment, acid method was used.

This method is quiet similar to innocuous method. But, 10% of citric acid is used to replace innocuous. Dad is preserved by its acidity which inhibits the growth of putrefactive or pathogenic bacteria. With lids intact, this dad can be kept for t least a month or two in the refrigerator. Traditional way of preparing ‘dad’ is as an innocuous method. Innocuous is prepared by adding a dried slice of Garcia antivirus in the raw milk and leaving overnight at room temperature. The curd is then stirred and filtered and the filtrate is used as innocuous.

The innocuous is added to the raw milk (which gives a final pH of 5. 85) followed by the addition of sugar and salt, filtering and then dispensing into clay cups for 3-4 h before steaming for 10 min. The curd formed upon steaming is cooled and kept at ICC before being consumed. However, the traditional method is no longer practices u to inconsistency of texture of the final product and development of synergies after eh. An attempt at commercialism’s this product using the traditional method was not successful. Materials: Dad Manufacturing (Acid Method) No.

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