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To observe some properties of chemical reactions 2. To associate chemical properties With household products Background Information: Chemical changes are often accompanied by physical changes. Three that you should not see in this lab are changes in temperature, presence of a flame, and evolution of light, as when as firefly glows. Three physical changes that indicate a chemical change may have occurred (and that may be seen in this lab) are: 1, Color changes .

Precipitate (formation off solid) 3. Formation of gas bubbles procedure: No preliminary dilution of my test chemicals were necessary as Lab Pas provided pre-diluted chemicals. Utilizing the 96-well plate, 2 pipit drops of each chemical were added to the wells in the following combinations: a) Enhance+HCI b) Hysterectomy blue c) IN;TTL drop Biorhythms blue d) Washable dye e) Blue dye+Nasal followed by HCI f) Nasal+Kill followed by various test foods g) h) Noah+phenolphthalein i) HOI phenolphthalein j) Annotating k) Again+NH 1) NH+Cuscus.

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