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l Attached is a published spectrum from: http://suds. B. Assist. Go. JP/suds/CGI-bin /direct_frame_top. CGI Discussion 1 . According to the melting point measured, the final product was quite pure. The melting point range determined was 82. ICC-85. ICC which is very close to the literature value for the melting point of 9-fluorine. According to Sigma Aldrich, the compound has a melting point range 80. -83. ICC. The range determined in the experiment is approximately 2 degrees above the actual melting point range, indicating some impurities in the final compound. According to the IR spectrum, the product obtained is quite pure. The peaks in the table above indicate the presence of a carbonyl, specifically the bond of a cyclic ketene and also the SSP-hybridism =C-H bond of an alkaline. There is no broad peak ranging from 3200 CM-1-3600 CM-l, which would indicate the presence of the -OH group of an alcohol.

Thus, there is likely no presence of starting material in the final product. The percent yield above 100% indicates that some liquid (hexane) used to recitalist the product was likely still in the flask when the product was weighed. 2. Price of Reagents Jones Oxidation: 0. 00027 moles of 9-hydrofluoric requires: (. 00027 mol)(l . 1) / (MM) = . 485 L of MM Cry in HOSES. That would be 14. Ml. Therefore, ($88. 70) (14. 85/25) = $52. 69 PC Oxidation: . 00027 moles of PC would weigh: = 0. Egg. This costs $0. 06 Sewer Oxidation: (0. 0027 . 1 g/mol) / (1. 1 g/ml) = 0. 02 ml of DMS. = $0. 01 (. 00027 g/ml) = 0. 11 ml of Teen = $0. 27 (. 00027 1)(126. 93 g/mol) = 0. Egg of axially chloride = $0. 08 Total cost: 0. 01+0. 27+0. 08 = $0. 36 Bleach Oxidation: (. 00027 = . 27 ml L) = $0. 09 The PC Oxidation is the least expensive method of oxidation but due to its high toxicity, the bleach oxidation is the best option, and it is also very inexpensive. 3. The benefit of using TTL following a reaction is to indicate the presence of specific compounds in the product.

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For example, on TTL plates 1-3 in this experiment, there was a dot in the “crude product” lane that traveled the exact same distance as the dot in the “starting material” lane, indicating that there was still starting material in the crude product sample. It was not until after the fourth addition of bleach that the subsequent TTL plate did not have the starting material dot in the crude product lane. This technique helps indicate that the reaction has gone to completion and that there is no more starting material left narrated in the crude product sample. . The benefit of running a microscope reaction is that due to the smaller proportions, less reactant is required. This cuts down the cost of the experiment. The disadvantage of running a microscope reaction is that if there is even a slight mistake, such as a spill, it will make a significant difference in the experimental outcome and quality of the final product. And along with the small amount of product, it makes it difficult to run further tests, such as melting point, solubility and IR measures. IR Spectrum: 9-fluorine

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