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The head losses in each meter will be calculated and compared with each other alongside those arising n a rapid enlargement and a 900 elbow. The Hydraulic bench will be used along with the flow measuring apparatus to provide the essential liquid service and the gravimetric evaluation of flow rate. Experimental Design Figure 1.

1 : the flow measuring apparatus Figure 1. 2: The explanatory diagram of flow measuring apparatus APPARATUS Flow measuring apparatus 2. Volumetric Hydraulic Bench 3.Water 4. Stopwatch METHODS Water is allowed to enter from the hydraulic bench into the flow measuring apparatus through the venture meter which consists of a gradually converging section, a throat and a gradually diverging section. The flow continues through the orifice plate meter for some distance after experiencing a change in cross- section and a rapidly diverging section.

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After that the flow continues into a further settling length and a 900 bend and finally reaches the rotate.The rotate consist of a transparent tube where the float takes up a stable position. This stabilized position is the measure of flow rate. Lastly, the water from rotate will make its way back to the Hydraulic bench and the weigh tank through a control valve.

There are up to nine pressure tapping as shown in Fig 1. , each of them is connected to its respective manometer in order to enable immediate record of readings.

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