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Each type utensil (bird beak) was lace on a table (environment) with a food but as they keep on reproducing the environment keep on changing meaning they went form grabbing the mixed food from the table to grabbing Jelly-beans from table to grabbing jelly-beans from the carpet to grabbing popcorn for the carpet making it hard for some utensil (bird beak) to grab the food and surviving which eventually caused them to die. Not only did the environment change but the food source also chance.

It went form mixed food to jelly beans and popcorn but as the food change and the amount of food got limited causing the non-fitness to die of hungry and those owe had great fitness to survive. Methods: The methods we used as a class was the following: First we wait for the teacher to distribute the utensils: fork, spoon, chopstick, and clothespin (bird beaks) to half of the class. Then we made sure all of the three tablets (environment) had one of each utensil (bird beak).

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After we scatter the mixed food on the table making it fair for the utensil (bird beak) to be able to reach out and grab food; the rest of the class got to be either a judge or a watcher meaning they just watched the whole process from the side. We also ad someone keep track of the time. Once everyone was ready, time was called and everyone began to grab the food with the utensil they were given using their non-dominant hand and placed the food inside a counter under 45 minutes time frame with their other hand behind their backs.

When time was up, each person had to count the 7 pieces of food to be a survivor utensil and 5 piece of food being an offspring. The data is then record into the table 1 under breeding population 1. We then calculated the number of each utensil type population by seeing how many of each utensil we use. Calculating N by adding up all the utensils equal the population, calculating the percent of N for each utensil type by diving the percent by N and rating the utensil fitness using the lettering system is the last data information need to be record on table on.

Part B was to change the food resource to Jelly-bean but first we had to transfer the data from table one to table 2. Before we could started the experiment, we had to add the offspring’s that were produce in the first part of the experiment then we had to take out those who were not able to survive. Then we repeat the same process as afore. Once time was out, we had to once again record the data the same way we did before expect this time it will be record on table 2.

For the fourth part of the experiment we did the same progress as the other two precise experiment. The only thing that change was the surface (environment), carpet was used for this part of the experiment. When we recorded the data it was the same progress as before. For the last part of the experiment we followed the same process as we did in the begin expect that time we were able to choice our own food which end up been popcorn with the same surface. And once again the record of the data was followed as before.

We only ended up skipping one part of the experiment because we were running out of time. Results: We had four tables in which we wrote four different hypotheses. Hypothesis was if there was four different utensils (bird beaks) begin tested on their abilities to pick up food to see which one will survive and have the highest fitness then the spoon will have the highest fitness because its head has a shape as a cone meaning it will allow things to maintain inside of it.

Table 2- Mixed food and table Hypothesis If there is a population of 21 within the Utensil (spoon, fork, chopstick, and clothespin) which represent the four different type of bird beaks of spoon, fork, chopstick, and clothespin in which fork and spoon share the same number of fitness then spoon and fork will have a higher chance of surviving because they have more chance reproducing meaning they can reproduce faster and the will be able to pass on their fitness making their species survivor.

Table 3- Jelly bean, table surface Hypothesis If there a chance in the environment been ground chances to carpet, emit food and a shift in the competition then the 4 utensil (bird beaks) will have a drop in fitness because they are going to have to fight for food under the change of the environment in order to be able to survive.

Table 4- Jelly change surface (carpet) If the fork (bird beak) and spoon (bird beak) still have the highest fitness then in this last test fork and spoon are going to be the two utensil to overcome all this obstacles of the environment because throughout the experiment this utensil have shown they have a higher chance in surviving. Table 5- Choice (carpet, popcorn) This group graph below shows all of the table final calculated part put together.

Is also allows us to see which utensil had the greatest fitness and which also had the lowest fitness depending under what food resource and environment it was Group graph Discussion: According the graph 2 above, my first hypothesis was wrong because predict that the spoon was going to win according to its shape of the mouth. The shape of the spoon mouth would allow thing to stay in place but when it came to test out the spoon on table with the jelly-beans, it became harder to Arab the food when the jelly-bean were no in a pile.

The rest of the graphs prove this because they all show that the fork had a greater fitness then the spoon. My other three hypotheses were right. In these hypotheses I predict that the spoon and the fork were going to survive because the resolute showed how the spoon and the fork were the only two with the highest fitness. The only part in where the hypotheses fail was on predicting that the spoon was going to win when the resolute showed the opposite but my hypotheses was right in the part of where the fork survives.

The resolute form all the graphs information provides evidence that proof the hypotheses were right on the second part of it. It seems to be that the gabs between each tooth for the fork allowed the food to stay in which give it the ability to survive. Throughout the experiment we also had a little bit of trouble because at first when we started the 30 minutes time frame did not give us enough quality information to begin the experiment. So we end up changing the time to 45 minutes. When the time was up, we record the data and it seem to be that 45 minutes gave us better information.

Towards the end of the experiment we had to divide the amount of population by the number of student in the class because the population in our experiment kept on grown and there weren’t enough people so we had to divide it in order to be able to continue with the experiment. These were the only two obstacles we came across the experiment that need to be fixed. Conclusion: In conclusion I learned that it’s important to have in mind the amount of food and resource we have because like in this experiment and Darwin theory we can one day over populate and ever grow our resource leaving ourselves with a limit amount of food.

Especially at the rate we are now in days reproducing, mostly the young ones who don’t know how to take care of themselves. This is important because if this does ever occur then we are all going to have to fight for food in order to survive and keep reproducing our generation/culture background if we don’t want our ethic to extinct. We’re going to have to show who has the greatest fitness. They only way to solve this is my keep in mind that not everything is going to be here if we keep reproducing at the rate we are right now.

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