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The Second most abundant element (fill in the blank). 4. List the 8 elements which make up most of the Earth’s crust. 5. List the Earth’s 3 internal layers in the increasing order of their densities? 6. How did the Earth’s 3 internal layers originate? Where did the heat required for the layers to develop come from? 7. Which of the following physical properties of mineral are strongly affected by the mineral’s chemical composition? By the crystal structure? Steer, streak, density, hardness, crystal form, cleavage 8. Define luster, streak, density, hardness, crystal form, cleavage. 9. Differentiate between: a. Silicates and non-silicates. B. Ferromagnetism and Non-ferromagnetism silicates. C. Carbonates and oxides. 10. Which are the most abundant minerals in the crust, silicates or nonsensicalness? 11. What type of rocks form when magma or lava undergoes cooling and crystallization? 12. List the three types of magma/lava in increasing order of their viscosity. 13. The most common rocks on the continent are the blank).

The most common rocks on the ocean floor are (fill in (fill in the blank). 14. What is the difference between intrusive and extrusive rocks? 15. What are pathologists? 16. List the differences between shield and composite volcanoes in terms of a. Shape: b. Size: c. Structure: d. Composition of magma they erupt: e. Style of eruption: 17. List the processes that lead to the making of a sedimentary rock. 18. What is litigation? 19. List the differences between trialed (or Classic) and chemical sedimentary rocks. Give two examples for each type. 20. What causes metamorphism of rocks? . List two differences between contact and Regional metamorphism. 22. List the differences between foliated and non-foliated metamorphic rocks. List two examples for each type. 23. What is rock cycle? Chapter 27 Plate Tectonics 24. Differentiate between lithosphere and stenographer. 25. What are the tectonic plates made of? 26. Are the convectional currents of Earth’s interior responsible for shifting of tectonic plates? 27. Differentiate between divergent plate boundaries, convergent plate boundaries and transform plate boundaries. Copyright ј 2010 Pearson Education, Inc.

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