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The melting point of pure transition is 55*to 56*C. The melting point recorded in this experiment is 49*C, giving the purity if the isolated transition a classification of “poor’. Part B Results Mass of isolated cholesterol 3. Egg Percentage if cholesterol isolated 13. 5% Color of 1% cholesterol solution (after) Dark sea blue Color of cholesterol extract solution (after) Green/blue In the Lieberman-Bernhard test for cholesterol, both 1% cholesterol solution and the extract solution tested positive for cholesterol being present.

If there s a presences of cholesterol the solutions turn an initial dark color then blue- green color in 1 to 2 minutes after adding the acetic anhydride and sulfuric acid. The pretest colors of 1% cholesterol and of cholesterol extract solution is in the data table part B. This experiment was quantitative because the calculations recorded, determined the final results. V Conclusion/Discussion The experiment results were as predicted. The Lieberman-Bernhard test for cholesterol did change color indicating a positive result to show the egg did ended have cholesterol in it.

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The transition did not reach a pure transition melting point, but wasn’t very far off. If the sample had boiled longer, the results may have come closer to the actual desired boiling point. Overall, cholesterol plays a large role in the human body contributing “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol.

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