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In this experiment will show that the finch will continue to evolve until its beak has reached the optimal size for sustaining life, when changing the beak size to a such larger size we will see that the finch will have no need for further evolution of its beak and that its population will become much more stable and consistent throughout the years. The only materials I will need for this experiment are simply just the evolution lab applet. This applet contains all the information needed to be able to manipulate the characteristics of the finch and see the final outcome over a long period of time.

For the first experiment I left all the variables as is and didn’t change anything. This left all the inputs as you see in FIG. 1. I then ran the experiment and examined all the information very carefully, paying special attention to the population and beak size trends. Then I did my second experiment changing the beak size to the maximum allowable size of mm. I left all the other variables alone (as seen in FIG. 2) so that I would be able to clearly see how this would affect the bird’s evolution and population characteristics.

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In figures 5 and 6. Figure 5 wows that as the beak grows the population continues to raise continuously. While figure 6 shows that when the finch has a large mm beak that the birds population immediately flourishes and stays very steady. I believe that my experiment does prove my hypothesis by showing that the finch will continue to evolve until they have reached the point that helps them sustain the best survivability. In conclusion we can see that the finch will continue to evolve and adapt to its surroundings so that it can continue to flourish and grow on both islands.

Without evolution the world would not be what it is today, evolution is what has made us and everything around us so advanced. All life will always continue to advance and better suit its self to its environment. Although evolution is something that happens over a long span of time it is most definitely something that is happening before our eyes constantly, we just have to take the time to go back and conduct our research to be able to prove that evolution has taken place. The strong will always continue to survive and evolve.

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