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An ionic bond is when oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other. A metallic bond is when two metallic atoms share electrons. Procedures: Conductivity Melting Point Solubility 1. Place one of each substance in a dry well. 2. Place the conductivity tester into each substance and record if the red light flashes. 3. If the light turns on, this means the substance is conductive. 1. Place the well on a hot plate and put the heat setting to 5 2. Sit and watch witch three substances will melt first (not including the ones that are already in liquid form) 1.

Take a beaker of ml filled with water. 2. Place a pinch of one of the substances in water 3. Stir vigorously with a small rod 4. If the substance dissolves then check if it conducts with the conductivity tester. 5. Repeat for each substance. Data Collection & Processing: The grouping I decided to place the substances after this experiment was Ionic, polar covalent, non-polar, and metallic. If a substance is ionic it means that the substance will dissolve and the solution will be able to conduct electricity. A polar covalent substance will dissolve but not be able to conduct electricity.

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The reason why some substances dissolve in water and others do not is because of waters polarity. Water is a polar molecule, with one end positively charged, and the other negatively charged. These charges interact with ionic bonds in substances. The polar nature of water is also why non-polar molecules do not dissolve in water. The water molecules are attracted to one another by their charges, and they leave the non-polar molecules alone. This pulling together of all the water molecules acts to pull them away from uncharged lessees. . The solutions that dissolved and conducted electricity are called electrolytes. 3. Solutions, that contain free ions, conduct electricity. When a solution conducts electricity, the charge is carried by ions moving through the solution. Ions are atoms or small groups of atoms that have an electrical charge. Some ions have a negative charge and some have a positive charge. Not all substances are made up of ions. Some are mode of uncharged particles called molecules. Sugar is such a substance.

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