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Separate class into two groups (exercisers and rosters). Exercisers will do jumping jacks for a minute. Exercisers and registers will squeeze clothespin for a minute Repeat steps two and three. Total of three trails. Precaution: Shoes must be tied. Space between exercisers. Healthy exercisers only. Data analysis: The data collected from this experiment shows the following information.

For the group of students who rested first, the average clothespin squeezes per minute (caps/min) were 142, 172, and 190. 42. Combined the overall average for this group was 168. 14 caps/min. For the group of students who rested first, the average clothespin squeezes per minute (caps/min) were 129, 123, and 190. Combined the overall average for this group was 147. 4 caps/minutes. Conclusion: Based on the data in the experiment, i can conclude that that the group that exercised first before squeezing the clothespin did better than the group that rested first before squeezing the clothespin.

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This is supported by the fact that the average of exercising then squeezing the clothespin was 168. 14 per minute. The average of rosters was 147. 4 per minute. The average of exercisers was higher than the average of rosters. The scientific evidence didn’t support the hypothesis that if you rest than the clothespin squeezing rate will increase. When you exercise then the pulse rate increases. The blood flow will go faster. Oxygen and nutrients go into the cells for the process of cellular respiration. Waste products are made and need to leave the cell. The increased waste products caused muscle fatigue.

Discussion: This experiment is about the effect of exercise on muscles. There are many reasons why muscles might fatigue when exercise is performed. One reason is that the waste product that were supposed to leave the cell didn’t . Some students outperformed others in squeezing the clothespin because some are more athletic than others. There might be some sources of error in the experiment. For example cheating (using more fingers than needed). Another example is that they didn’t follow directions. Also there is a possibility that they have drank energy drinks before class.

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