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Discussion Egg Custards are generally thought of as sweet desserts. In this experiment, we can examine he phase transitions that occur in denomination of egg and milk as affected by temperature change.

Egg white protein, plumbing, and milk proteins are involved at this experiment. I think they may have been interacting during the process. They denature and loss their native conformation C. Denomination of Milk Data Escape values of milk. 660 drops of MM acetic acid added to ml of milk. 7 Result Diversification’s drops of MM acetic acid added to ml of milk. Minutes-white precipitate -lump of coagula is formed at the bottom of the mixtures)1 ml MM Nasal added to Mimi of milk minutes-Curd is observed at the bottom of the mixtures)No further additional minutes-White precipitate observed After centrifugation Discussion We can observed two layer in the plastic graduated centrifuge tube. The top layer is a supernatant and the bottom layer is a coagula.

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For the top layer, supernatant is watery and the watery texture is mainly due to the presence of water. Water and water soluble substances compose to be this layer.Coagula is the result of protein coagulation. Thus the bottom layer consists of milk protein only. The main reason of the difference between milk conditions is the mass.

Heavy substances would e the bottom layer and light substances would be the top layer. D. Yoghurt Data ml of fresh milk ml of boiled milk Result Boiled milk Fresh milk Discussion A yogurt is made after two days of fermentation. For the fresh milk is more slippery than boiled milk. However, the tastes have not obviously differences.Actually fresh milk is more sour and liquid up to the yogurt.

Formation of yoghurt changes the molecular structure of milk, making it harder to digest Milk protein denomination have contributed to the rough texture and enhanced sourness. In the cultured sample, the sourness enhanced. The increasing number of lactose- consuming bacteria and microorganisms from surrounding trapped inside the culture during preparation are possible reasons resulted in excessive lactic acid production hence, the yogurt is sourer than the commercial product.

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