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Distinctive number f this allele has different number of repeats. These quantities of repeats are exceptional to every human. Primer is bind to this repeats and after amplification this makes fragments of different sized which can be seen on the agrees gel. From the extent of the fragment one can figure the number of repeats by following equation. 113 BP + BP) + 32 BP = fragment size Where, n = number of repeats. Think coding gene cannot be utilized as coding genes code a sequence of protein. People have a few quantities of same proteins which implies that every unman has a few same coding sequences.

If we use coding gene for this purpose, it makes impossible for us to differentiate humans.. 2. (8 marks) Analyze your results. Your analysis must include: – the picture of the gel; clearly label the lanes and show all your measurements – a table summarizing your DECANT data – a graph of the DECANT data; clearly show how you use this standard curve to calculate the size of your PC product(s); include one example of each of your calculations; – a final statement, including the number of repeats present in your Del ASS alleles.

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Ted is scratching his head trying to figure out what all of these bands mean. Please help Ted, explaining to him any problem he may have encountered and in which part of the procedure. He is a new employee, so be very clear with your explanation! In the picture, these bands represent the run by the each fragment on the 2% agrees gel. The standard DNA sample which contains several number of fragments. The distance traveled for each fragment in standard is used to construct the standard curve of molecular weight of each fragment versus stance travel by these fragments.

From this standard curve we can calculate the molecular weight of human (Tee’s) DNA fragment as well as positive and negative control DNA samples. Tee’s genomic DNA represents the fragments of the Tee’s DNA sample. Positive control contains all the solutions used for the Tee’s genomic DNA except it contains positive DNA sample instead of the Tee’s DNA sample. And the bands seen represent the fragments of control DNA sample.

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