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Materials and Methods: Microscope Simple cuboids c. S. Simple exogamous (surface) slide Simple columnar c. S Stratified Squamish (nonresidential) Sequestration’s (ciliated) Stratified Exogamous (scrutinized) Transitional Using the microscope observe the prepare slides of different types of epithelial tissues. Observe each tissue, by using picture handout given in class with examples of each epithelial tissue. Compare what is seen in the microscope with the example given in the packet. While observing each slides prepare a labeled sketch of a representative portion of the tissue seen in the microscope and label ACH part of the cell seen.

Results: Discussion: The first tissue studied was the simple exogamous epithelium, which looked like just a box with small dots some larger than others. The larger ones were much darker than the smaller ones. With the exogamous epithelium sample couldn’t really see much detail of this cell except for the nucleus. The simple cuboids epithelium tissue was studied next It looked like small circle and within those circles were smaller circle, and inside those circles were little dark dots which was the nucleus. The free surface was also seen.

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Next was simple columnar epithelium looked like small circles also inside of a big circle and in each circle were one dot which was the nucleus. Both the simple cuboids epithelium and Simple columnar epithelium looked the same except for the circles in the Simple columnar epithelium was much longer column wise. Next is the Sequestration’s columnar epithelium and it looks long an thin and looks organized into some creative pattern. Stratified exogamous epithelium has a dark layer on the outside which is the basement membrane and inside are small circles arrange n different patterns with dark circles inside which are the nuclei.

Transitional quitclaim and Stratified cuboids epithelium were not able to look. Conclusion: The objective were met Epithelial tissue can have either of two basic roles which are covering/ lining and glandular. The first kind, covering lining epithelium, found in sheets that covers body structures or line body spaces.

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