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Listen Read phonetically Dictionary ; View detailed dictionary 1. Article 1. The The purpose of this is knowing the types of bacteria that exist in our environment and diseases caused by them, and how treat it. MATERIAL AND METHODS: An unknown bacterium was handed out by the lab instructor.

The methods that have been learned so far in identifying bacteria were applied to this unknown.Procedures were followed as stated in the lab manual and biochemical test handouts, Lab day I: The first day in lab obtained the unknown mixed culture and PHOBIA, is a liquid medium used in the cultivation of microorganisms, the procedure that as the preparation of this medium, followed step used the septic technique to transfer a small amount of culture vita a flame-sterilized inoculating loop to the first quadrant TTS after that repeat this process With MASS plate, is high concentration of salt selects for members of the genus staphylococcus some organisms may grow, but typically grow very weakly, and then repeated this with the other media predominant until all media are properly streaked Finally incubate the selective and differential media for 24 hours. RESULTS: In the second day lab, I collected the medium and began by identifying the morphology and cell-to cell arrangements of the colonies. One colony observed, the colony was yellow in color and larger in size.

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