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My hypothesis for unit 7. 3 was knowing that lactate is specific for lactose, lactose will separate into calaboose and glucose, as maltose will not change (153-155).

Lactate should like lactose. For unit 7. 4 my hypothesis was that DE TA Will remove the ions, and Will not work.

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Materials/Methods For unit 7. The experiment needed 2 microfilm tubes one labeled “L” for lactose ND the other labeled “M” for maltose. The experiment also called for a total of 3 clean plastic pipettes.

With one pipette add milk up to the 0. 5 line of the lactose tube. With the second clean pipette add maltose solution up to the 0. 5 line of the maltose tube. With the third clean pipette, add lactate solution to each tube, until the level of mixture in each tube comes up to the 1.

0 line of the tube. Place both tubes in the 40 degrees Celsius water bath and incubate them for 10 minutes.The other thing needed is glucose strips, After the tubes eave been incubated tort 10 minutes, place a glucose strip in each tube tort one second. Let it sit for thirty seconds, then cornea to the chart provided, For unit 7. 4 the experiment called for two microfilm tubes. One labeled “control” and label another one “EDT”, Add I ml of EDT to the EDT tube, add I ,isms of distilled water to the control tube. Add 3 drops of milk to each tube, invert the tube and let sit for I minute Then add 3 drops of lactate solution to each tube. Then place both tubes in the 40 degrees Celsius avatar bath and leave them for 10 minutes.

After the ICC minutes are up, place the glucose strip in each tube and let the strips sit for 30 seconds. Then compare to the charts provided. Results In 7. 3 after 10 minutes, the results came to be 500 MGM/ODL Of glucose in the lactose tube and 1000 MGM/ODL of glucose in the maltose tube. In 7. 4 the results came to be 250 MGM/ODL of glucose in the control tube and 50 MGM/ ODL of glucose in EDT tube.

Because the p value came to be 0. 0000 we rejected the null hypothesis and support the alternative hypothesis. Discussions According to the results in 7.

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