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Example lab report of Synthesis of potassium tries (oxalate) ferrite (Ill) dehydrate Posted by Unruly Himalayan Experiment 5: Synthesis of potassium tries (oxalate) ferrite (Ill) dehydrate Purpose: to synthesis potassium tries (oxalate) ferrite (Ill) dehydrate [Fee (CEASE]. AH. Introduction: Ferrous ammonium sulfate, is dissolved in a slightly acid solution, excess oxalic acid, HECTIC, is added and the following reaction takes place: * HECTIC Effect(s) * HASPS * (NH)SASS * 6820 Effect is finely divided precipitate and tends to be colloidal.

However, heating the solution causes it to coagulate and facilitates separating the precipitate room the solution. Potassium oxalate is added to the Effect precipitate, which produces a slightly basic solution for the oxidation of the ferrous ion to the ferric ion, by hydroxide, H2O.

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The following reaction takes place: H2O 4 HUH- fee* fee* * AH- The OH- ion concentration of the solution is high enough so that sonnet of the F-eye; reacts with OH- to for ferric hydroxide(heron precipitate) as follows: Fee+ + BOB- With the addition tot more HECTIC, the dissolves and the soluble complex is formed according to 3k2C204 + CHIC + 31120 Ethanol is added to the solution to cause the complex iron salt to precipitate. Data analysis and Discussion: In this experiment, have studied how to synthesis coordination compound.

Coordination compounds are formed when a neutral metal atom: GE acting as a Lewis acid, reacts with some neutral molecules, acting as Lewis bases; or even a metallic action, acting as a Lewis acid, reacts With any Of a variety Of organic or inorganic molecules, actions, or anions, acting as Lewis bases. These Lewis bases: CHIC and H2O are called lagan’s. (Lewis acids are electron pair acceptors and Lewis bases are electron pair donors. Ferrous ammonium solution is added with oxalic acid dehydrate solution will form yellow solution with yellow precipitate. HECTIC Effect(s) 4 HASPS 4 (NH)SASS 6820 Then it is heated to boiling and the supernatant is decanted. As it is added with solid potassium oxalate, it is allowed to heat at 40 0 C and drop wise added with H2O and the solution turns to brown with precipitate for the oxidation of the ferrous ion to the ferric ion. H2O -e HO? – fee+ 4 AH- AH- Fee(AH) 3 Next, more oxalic acid dehydrate is added until the solution turns to colorless. 3k2C204 fee (OH) 3 CHIC AKA (chic)313H20 4 ah The colorless elution is boiled then it turns to pale green solution.

The solution is filtered then leaves for crystallization, After that, the green crystal is filtered and washed with 1:1 ethanol/ water and cooled acetone. The mass of bright (luminescent) green crystals is obtained which is 3. 2822 g So, the percent yield of that have obtained is 47. 72 %. The precautions that eve must take are while heat the solution of ferrous ammonium sulfate and solution of oxalic acid dehydrate as it will bump. Next, beware of temperature (at least 40 0 C) of solution when add H2O into the solution. The next experiment is determination Of the percentage f lagan’s in coordination compounds.

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