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Molar Mass by Preening Point in Anti-Greece_ Objective: to determine the freezing point Of pure naphthalene, determine the molar mass of an unknown by measuring the freezing point depression of a solution Of the unknown in naphthalene. Materials: Beakers 600 ml 2-250 Malaysia Ice,20 g of Nasal,Stirring Rod,Thermometer,Foil, water, 10 ml, cylinder, 25 ml 100 ml Dropper, 2 Test Tubes. Procedure: Filled 600 ml beaker with ice, took temperature until it got to -10 c. The next step was to take 1 test tube with water placed in water bath, freezing point of distilled water -0.

0 c.Placed a 250 ml beaker on the balance weighed 1 egg. Added 10 ml tot anti-tree came to egg. This is called solution 1. Placed the other 250 ml beaker on the balance weighed egg.

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Added 25 ml anti-freeze, weighed again and was 123. 55 this is called solution 2.

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