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Also, we needed to find the change in elevation of the river channels (highest elevation of the river channel divided by the lowest elevation of the river channel). The last few things we needed to figure out was the vegetation, floodplain width, and average annual discharge. Results (Table l) Map A Map B Map C Map Location Hurley, Mississippi Mesquite, Nevada Carney, Nebraska Number of Channels Channel Type Sinuous. Meandering Monogamist Braided Gradient . 0175 . 0047 Average Sinuosity 1. 13 1.

0211 Bars?Type, Number, Approximate Size) Point Bar, 1, Small Channel, 2, Large Channel, 6, Small Vegetation 100% Floodplain Width 19,800 feet 21,120 feet 5280 feet Average Annual Discharge 9910 feet cubed/ second 302 feet cubed/ second 1290 feet cubed/second We discovered that for map A the stream has a gradient of . 01 AS feet, a sinuosity of 1. 5, and a floodplain width of 13,800 feet.

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Map a has a gradient of . 0047 feet, a sinuosity of 1. 13, and a floodplain width of 21,120 feet. Map C has a gradient of 135 feet, a sinuosity of 1. 11, and a floodplain avidity of 5280 feet. Discussion All three Of the streams are similar to each Other in different ways, for example map A& B have similar gradients but different sinuosity. But, for map A & C they both have similar bar sizes.

Mostly map B are the most alike because they have similar gradients, number of channels, number of bars, and floodplain width. Map C is similar to the other two maps but it doesn’t have the same amount of similarities with them as the other bon do with each other.Conclusion We discovered that all of the streams are different but do have similarities between each other. The river systems that are the most hazardous to communities along the banks are sinuous-meandering systems, because they erode the banks along the river creating danger for those who live along the banks.

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