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Known as dissociate mechanism in which the bon are breaking. Trans In the preparation of trans isomer, delimitation cannot be added excels since the excess delimitation Will produce complex Of Which is orange in color. This complex have a very strong Co(NJ bond and is difficult to replace with CLC, thus the percentage yield get are lesser than . Also, in the preparation of trans isomer, the compound of (Consequence. HCI must be dried impolitely in oven at 1 1 CO to make sure all HCI was eliminated from the complex.

This is importance since the presence of HCI in evaporation process will effect the commiseration of trans isomer to CICS isomer because HCI can maintain the dynamic equilibrium between the CICS and trans isomer. The preparation of unstable CICS isomers from stable trans isomers is quite difficult as it need more than three times reputation of evaporation process, But further repetition to the evaporation causes substantial decomposition to effect CICS formation. The color of converting trans isomers to CICS isomers is from dull green to purple pink.

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The commiseration process to convert CICS isomers to trans is done in water bath within 90 minutes in which each reading of absorption is taken in 15 minutes time interval The commiseration reaction is first order reaction. Prom the graph plotted, the k value and half life for the reaction is obtained.

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