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Which two solutions need to be present to produce the brown-colored Benzedrine? Potato extract and cathode need to be present What substance is not present in tube 52 for the production of the brown- colored substance? Cathode What substance is not present in tube SO for the production Of the brown- colored substance? Potato extract II. Enzyme Specificity EXERCISE 2 – Enzyme specificity At five and ten minute intervals, record the color intensity in each test tube. Time Tube 1 with cathode Tube 2 with hydrogenous Based upon color intensity, to What degree does cathode oxides react With hydrogenous? 4

What difference in chemical Structure Of the two substrates determines the specificity of cathode oxides? The different location of the second . OH group Ill. Temperature and Enzyme Activity EXERCISE 3 – Enzyme activity and temperature Record the relative color intensity at intervals dative and ten minutes. Time Tube 1 ICC Tube 2 ICC Tube 3 400 C Tube 4 ICC Tube S ICC Tube 6 1 coo Double click the chart below. A spreadsheet will open. Enter the 10 minute read data into the spreadsheet in the areas provided. When you are finished, click into another area of the lab report. The spreadsheet will close automatically.

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Do not close the spreadsheet with the X in the upper right corner. What is the temperature range for cathode oxides activity? The temperature range is 20-60 degrees Celsius Examine your experimental data and determine which temperature is optimum for the formation of Benzedrine? At 40 degrees Celsius What happens to the enzyme above ICC?

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