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During this unknown lab report various test were performed to differentiate microbes from each other and to compare metabolic and biochemical process The gram stain distinguishes between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria based on the composition of the cell wall. The Gram stain procedure distinguishes between Gram positive and Gram negative groups by coloring these cells red or violet.

Gram positive bacteria stain violet due to the presence f a thick layer of pedagogical in their cell walls, which retains the crystal violet these cells are stained With. Gram negative bacteria stain red, because it has a thinner pedagogical wall and does not retain the crystal violet during the discoloring process. The gram staining technique was also used to form distinctive cell morphologies because cell shape is generally specific to bacterial species. Tractor, Funk) The next test that was performed was the Carbohydrate fermentation broth test. The reason for doing this test was to identity the bacteria by determining what nutrients they can utilize and what end products will be produced in the process. “Sugars such as glucose will undergo “fermentation” when it acts as an electron donor, such as in glycoside, and one of its metabolic products (such as private) acts as an electron acceptor in a fermentation reaction”.

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Most sugars other than glucose are said to undergo orientation” when it is either hydrolysis into glucose or converted into glucose or both and then the glucose is fermented. (Holt, J. G. ) The stockroom oxides test was used to identify the organisms that produced the enzyme stockroom oxides. Stockroom oxides participates in the electron transport chain by transferring electrons from a donor molecule to oxygen. Only aerobic bacteria normally have this enzyme. This test is used to distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

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