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The technical constraints are preventing the student network interacting with the faculty network, and the preparation of a future extension to the campus 15 miles away. 5. Diagram the existing network. (10 points) Server/Nonvoter Equip/DAMMAR- 37 users Student AP-42 users Equip/DAMMAR -? 37 users Admit building Classrooms/Tootsies tort faculty Laptop/Printers – 4 Server/Network Equip/DAMMAR-? 37 users Gym 6. Describe the existing network traffic. (10 points)

The existing network is overloaded as it is running at 73% utilization rates and spiking at 100%. DSL is limiting the network speeds and can be easily upgraded for more bandwidth. 7. Complete this table for all of the applications that currently run over the network. (10 points) Application Name Type New or Existing Criticality Comments MS office Software Existing None Web Browser Google APS Inc.

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