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The cell wall and cytoplasm were labeled. 7. After the first observation and drawing was done, the slide was removed room the microscope and the pipette was used again to add another drop of substance onto the same slide, except the substance was a 30% salt solution. 8. The slide was placed back under the microscope and was observed with xi magnification view. Focusing again on a piece of forceps, the microscope magnification increased back up to xi and the fine focus knob was adjusted so that observing the piece of cell located was clear. . What was to be observed were cells becoming polymerase and to see how the structures of the cell became after the salt solution was added. 0. “As soon as the cell membrane separates from the cell wall a cell is polymerase. ” When this happened, the object/cell that was observed was drawn and labeled. The cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus were all labeled on the drawn diagram below.

Result: The first observation with the water being placed onto a piece of rhubarb forceps showed that the cell was turgid meaning that water goes into the cell, which water did indeed go into the cell as the cytoplasm was circulating around the membrane with vacuoles in sight. The cell membrane was still closely attached near the cell wall. The second observation with the salt solution replacing the water on the piece of rhubarb forceps showed that the cell was polymerase meaning that water exits the cell.

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During observation, the membrane shrank in size and away from the cell wall becoming smaller. It drifted off to one side and the red color slowly faded. Conclusion: Different concentrations of solutions affect the cells of the forceps. In the case of the experiment, when the salt solution was added to the plant, the water in the Lana is the higher concentration, therefore osmosis occurred and water moved out from the higher concentration to the lower concentration causing the cell to lose water and shrink.

Since water exits the cell, the process is called polynomials. As for the water being added to the forceps, water continued flowing into the cell because it moved from the lower concentration(since pure water outside the cell is 100% pure water) area to a lower concentration area making a turgid process.

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