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When that was done boiling and heating up we added the vinegar and steel wool. It had changed color by doing this. It changed to a lights brown color, kind of like tea. Then we added a little spoon full of gum Arabic. This helped the ink stay on the surface of the paper, and thicken it a little bit so it wouldn’t stay so watery. After we did that we dipped the calligraphy pen into the ink and started to write out the experimental haiku on a white piece of paper. IV. Results with sample calculations: The results me and my partner Cody got were actually not that bad.

Cody and I both thought that it was not going to turn UT good and kind of sloppy, but in the end when we used the ink we made it didn’t look bad at all. It wasn’t the best but at least it wasn’t the worst. It was light when wrote on the paper at first but as time passed our ink started to darken a little bit. V. There were nine questions we had to answer in this lab. They were. 1. What was your source of hydrogen ion? Our source of hydrogen ion was the vinegar. 2. What was your source of hydrogen iron? Our source of hydrogen iron was the steel wool. 3. What happened to cause the iron atom to change into ferrous ion?

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The boiling water which we boiled for seven minutes. . Is this oxidation or a reduction? It was oxidation because it got bigger. 5. Was there any visible evidence that H2O formed as a product of the The bubbles on the steel wool were evidence. 6. What is the oxidation agent responsible for that change? The oxidation agent was the hydrogen peroxide. 7. What observation showed you that a chemical change took place? The color of the liquid showed us that there was a chemical change. 8. Is ferric teenage soluble in water? Ferric teenage is not a water soluble substance. 9. What color is it? Lights brown. Kind of like a tea color.

VI. Summary of results: The results of our lab project turned out to be actually pretty good. The ink looked good and it actually worked the way we made it. When I and Cody do a project we are very fast but much focused on it. We follow the procedure and we do everything right. This gives us good results on the lab. Our results came out great our ink looked very real but it was light but you can’t expect it to be perfect. VII. Conclusion: this lab was very interesting to do. It showed how all these chemicals can make an everyday substance. So in conclusion our lab came out to be in great results and the ink came out great.

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