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Upon mixing, solution turned yellow and yellow precipitate began to form. Mixture smells like cherries. Calculations: Conclusion: The reaction is first created by adding 4. 2 ml of Noah and 4. 1 ml of Ethanol into a beaker. About 3 ml of acetone and 2. 0 ml of Evenhandedly are added into a separate beaker. After adding the two clear solutions together, a yellow color precipitate begins to form. Also, the smell of cherries emits from the solution. The solution sat for about 15 minutes before proceeding. A vacuum filtration is then used to obtain a crude product.

While emptying the product onto the filter paper, not all of the precipitate was removed, this may cause a lower percent yield. After a few minutes, the vacuum was disconnected, and the crude product was rinsed with a little bit of ethanol, reconnected and vacuum filtrated again. The result was 3. Egg of product. Using a 450 ml beaker was used to house a hot water bath which is used for the rationalizations reaction. About 5 ml of ethylated was put into a test tube and placed into the hot bath along with a flask filled with the crude product.

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About 3 ml of hot ethylated was used to dissolve the crude product in the flask. After, the flask was placed on the desk top to cool, and then placed in an ice bath for about 10 minutes. Suction filtration was used again to obtain the 0. Egg of rationalized product. Both products provided a wide, broad range melting point, which indicates impurities. My first percent yield for the crude product, was relatively high, at 67%. The percent yield decreased, which was expected due to not all product being transferred back and forth, to 18. 7%.

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